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  • s9e Media Sites
    s9e Media Sites
    Improves the performance and usability of media sites, and adds many popular new sites.
    • JoshyPHP
    • Updated:
  • UI.X 2
    UI.X 2
    The Ultimate Theme Framework
    • ThemeHouse
    • Updated:
  • Chat 2 by Siropu
    Chat 2 by Siropu
    Feature-rich, mobile-friendly chat application with Rooms, Private Conversations and more.
    • Siropu
    • Updated:
  • Add-on Update Notifier
    Add-on Update Notifier
    🔔 Receive auto alerts when your 🧰 installed add-ons have some 👨‍🏭 versions/updates available
    • mazzly
    • Updated:
  • Implementing permissions across multiple user groups
    Implementing permissions across multiple user groups
    How to make best use of the cumulative permission behaviour
    • Paul B
    • Updated:
Widget Threads Enhancement truonglv
Support more options in widget threads
Group membership moderators Naz
Add group membership moderators to your forum.
Threadmarks Pro X
Threadmarks Pro 2.18.1 $40.00
Tag specific posts in a thread so they can be easily navigated to.
What's New Digest Sim
Sends daily, weekly or monthly emails containing highlights of what's new
Oreo DohTheme
Oreo 2.2.13b $30.00
Based on Google Material Design
Shades of Blue Gator
A dark theme alternative for XF 2.x
[OzzModz] Contact Us Thread Ozzy47
Creates a thread when the Contact Us form is used
Link Checker for XenForo 2.x by AddonsLab AddonsLab
The definitive solution you need to monitor and fix broken links throughout the forums.
Ryzer Pro Osman
Ryzer Pro 2.2.13 $50.00
Perfect responsive design and a lot of customization options available without any coding knowledge.
MineSync, for XF2 nanocode
MineSync, for XF2 3.3.2 (S2.3) £35.00
MineSync integrates your Minecraft server with your XenForo forum, syncs ranks and links players!
Gift Upgrades Naz
Gift Upgrades 2.4.3 $20.00
Allow users to gift user upgrades to each other.
[SC] Separate Sticky Threads SyTry
Separate your sticky and normal threads
[AP] Style Suite apathy
[AP] Style Suite 2.11.5 €15.00
Allows users to change the appearance of usernames, postbits, custom titles & profiles.
Donations by Siropu Siropu
Donations by Siropu 1.3.1 €19.99
Donation widget with goals, donors list and top donors.
[XTR] Thread Rating System XDinc
The Thread Rating System is an add-on that allows you to rate the threads within your forum.
User Onboarding Naz
User Onboarding 2.0.3 $35.00
Onboard your users by having them complete tasks for profile completion.
Keyword Linking by Siropu Siropu
Keyword Linking by Siropu 1.5.1 €29.99
Allows you to link keywords in thread posts, conversation messages, profile posts and more!
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