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    Updated arg-imageUrl from: {{ link({$thread.cover_image}) }} to: {$thread.cover_image} This...

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Magnificent. This should be part of the mainline code or at the very least an option (or even a plugin?). Stellar useful stuff. Thanks!
Should be a default option in the native script. Works great, doing exactly as described. It allows your shares to use the actual image in the thread instead of the default logo. Makes for a much more interesting share on your timeline or your FB page.
This is very helpful and is exactly what I was needing since sharing to FB and Twitter are a big deal. One issue I'm having with it is I notice that while I can see the image when I click on the tweet directly, it doesn't seem to show up in a timeline.
Great little tweak, not sure why it's not included in the node options.

Using it with a node id conditional for our articles section 😗👌
Thank-you thank-you! This fixed my issues with sharing articles. Needs to be part of the code Xenforo codebase
A real game changer! It picks the first image of any thread and if that thread doesn't have a image attachment, it chooses the Metadata logo that I chosen
Thanks for the review!
Thank you. Fixed the og image issue. Was struggling to find a proper solution and came across this code. This did the job.
Thanks for the review!
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