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XenForo 2 manual

Image showing the XenForo 2 manual

The XenForo 2 manual covers basics like performing installation and upgrades, as well as walking you through many of XenForo's concepts and features from an administrator's point of view.

Community forums

Image showing the pre-sales questions area of the XenForo community forums

The XenForo community is a great resource for peer support and everything XenForo-related.

Our forums host various Q&A areas, our bug tracker, support for our add-on products, an area to download third-party add-ons and styles and a wealth of other content.

Ticket support

Customers with active XenForo licenses or Cloud subscriptions may submit their questions or troubleshooting requests directly to the XenForo team via the customer area.

If you find yourself at a loss and need some guidance or advice on how your community works, our team of experts is ready and able to field your queries with a fast, friendly and effective service included with your XenForo license / Cloud subscription.

Developer docs

Image showing the XenForo developer docs

The XenForo 2 developer docs aim to introduce PHP developers to the concepts and approaches used within XenForo.

Everything you need to start building your own add-ons on the rich XenForo platform is right here.

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