How do you want your community to look?

Your community, your style

When integrating a community into your website, you should have the tools to style community pages with a cohesive theme that fits your existing branding.


Call them themes, skins or styles, XenForo has a class-leading system to allow your community to be presented to the world precisely as you want it.

Do it yourself, or choose one of thousands of pre-built style packages.

Style inheritance

Image showing a part of the XenForo style manager

Your community need not be limited to a single display style or theme. Install or create as many styles as you like, and allow your visitors to choose how your site is displayed.

Want one version of a custom style set with Helvetica while another uses Roboto? With XenForo's incredible style inheritance principle, just a few clicks and you're done.


Image showing a part of the XenForo palette manager

At the most basic level, it's a matter of just a few clicks to completely change the color palette that is used across the entire application and have it match the branding of your own website.


Image showing a part of the XenForo style properties manager

Without digging into the code, it's possible to alter the look and feel of your community using the Style Properties system, which acts as a friendly interface into the underlying CSS of the site.


Image showing a XenForo template in the admin control panel

The entire application interface for XenForo is handled through a purpose-built template system, which combines HTML with XenForo Template Syntax.

By customizing the templates, you can dramatically alter the application output in any way you see fit.

Style assets

When your branding requires additional assets such as graphics or fonts, you need not worry about providing server access, because the XenForo styling system allows such resources to be uploaded right from the control panel.

Import / export

Importing and exporting complex styles with custom graphics is a breeze with XenForo's style archive format.

All graphics and other resources can be included in a single archive file for easy distribution and import.

Style resources

Image showing a selection of styles available to download from

You need not start from scratch when building a style for your community.

Hundreds of high-quality, pre-built styles are available to download from the XenForo Resources area.

Whatever the needs of your community, you will find a style to suit.

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