Your community on your visitors' home screens

Mobile app as standard

Leveraging responsive web design and the progressive web application standard, your XenForo community can be 'installed' onto mobile devices and tablets1, opening up a gateway to a wealth of app-related functionality.

Easy install

Image showing the PWA installation dialog

The XenForo app can be installed straight from your visitors' browser with a simple 'Install the app' button.1

No need to visit an app store or reauthenticate.

Home screen

Image showing the community icon on a phone home page

Once installed, your own community icon will appear as an app on your visitors' device home screen.

Your visitors can access your community with a single click, without having to worry about remembering URLs or setting bookmarks.

Automatic branding

The app shows a representation of your community using responsive design, so all theming and branding efforts you have made will be beautifully reflected in the app view.

On devices that display a splash screen, your site branding is used to automatically generate a suitable splash screen with your logo and colors.

Push notifications

Image showing the a recently-received push notification

Your members want to know when something happens, right away.

XenForo supports push notifications, immediately alerting your users to what's going on even when they're not currently browsing your site.2


Image showing the community icon badged in a dock with a lot of alerts that need attention

When a registered member installs your community app, any alerts they receive will add a notification badge and counter to the app's icon.

It's easy to see when attention is required.

Native gestures

Where supported, XenForo will respond to native touch gestures such as pull-to-refresh and OS-level back-button operation.

Offline mode

If your visitor's network connection fails, the app presents a friendly, site-branded message informing them that they have lost connection rather than a confusing network error.

Desktop too

Image showing the community app being installed with Chrome on macOS

Of course, these features are not limited to just mobile devices.

Desktop browsers on Windows, macOS and Linux support the PWA standard, so your community app icon can live in the Start Menu, the Dock or wherever is convenient for each user.

Push notifications, offline mode and all the other goodies are at your finger tips.

Open standards

As the XenForo app experience is built on open standards, the available features and functionality will continue to grow as browser and OS vendors and developers extend their own capabilities and improve their own support for the PWA standard.


  1. Mobile device installation compatibility is currently limited to Android devices.
  2. Push notifications are currently unavailable on iOS and macOS Safari.
  3. Full functionality for iOS devices is pending implementation of the full PWA standard by Apple, Inc.
  4. Push notifications for iOS may debut with iOS 15.4.
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