Community is built on the ability to share content and discuss it. XenForo does that better than most.

Forums - shared discussion

Image showing the top of a XenForo forum page

The primary application of XenForo is the forum system, allowing your visitors to create and reply to threads of discussion.

XenForo forums support structured question and answer threads, suggestion threads and forums, and a rich article authoring and display system.

Site structure

Image showing a section of a XenForo node tree structure

Create a tree of categories and forums within which your visitors can discuss relevant topics. Set permissions and controls depending on the area of the site in which discussions are located.


Image showing a question thread

Question and answer threads allow answers to a question to be voted up and down, and an accepted solution to be selected.


Image showing a suggestion thread

When forums are designated as suggestion forums, the discussions within them can be ordered according to how many positive votes each suggestion has received, so the most popular suggestions bubble to the top of the list.

Powerful and intuitive authoring tools

Image showing the content editor in XenForo

In addition to a friendly what-you-see-is-what-you-get text editor, XenForo allows file attachments to be dragged into place, images to be precisely edited and located, links to be unfurled for a useful preview, and media to be embedded.

In the right hands, XenForo posts can be full fledged articles.

Custom reactions

The ability to 'like' content has become ubiquitous, so XenForo goes further with the ability to define a complete range of reactions, weighted with a positive or negative reaction score, so you can get a handle of the best quality content on your site.

Watched content

Image showing the 'watch thread' dialog

Users may 'watch' discussions or entire forums and opt to receive email or on-site notifications when discussions receive additional responses.


Image showing a bookmark being added

Bookmarks allow content to be marked for easy retrieval later.

Staff utilities

XenForo provides extensive moderation tools to allow a team of staff to deal with problematic content whenever it arises, including on-page editing tools, a content publishing queue, a central reporting interface and the ability to send automated warnings to troublemakers.

Conversations - direct messaging

Image showing the 'start conversation' dialog

Almost the entire gamut of the functionality available for discussion in forums is also available for users to send messages directly to one another or to groups of users.

Group conversations

Image showing a group conversation summary

In addition to simple user-to-user messaging, XenForo conversation support direct messaging between groups of users, allowing for rich interaction and teamwork.

Invite more users to chat

The XenForo conversation system allows participants to invite additional users to the discussion, with or without visibility of the entirety of the discussion up to the point at which they join.

Opt-out whenever

Image showing the 'leave conversation' dialog

Recipients of conversation messages may leave discussions at any time or mute notifications.

Star conversations

Individual conversations can be 'starred', allowing the list of conversations to be filtered down to show only starred items for easy recovery of important discussions.

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