Surface and rediscover content

Some platforms make it difficult to find stuff that you might have only seen yesterday. We don't.

What's new?

Image showing XenForo's newest content discovery feature

The newest content available is only ever a click away with the 'What's new' system, which lists the most recently-updated content of each type in a convenient tabbed interface.

Add-on products such as the XenForo Media Gallery can install their own tabs and share the space with core functionality.


Image showing XenForo's alerts popup

Keep your members engaged with alerts, which are fired whenever something happens that affects a member, or when a 'followed' user does something.

Alerts can be echoed to email and sent instantly to users with push notifications.

Latest activity

Image showing part of the last activity feed

The latest activity feed shows not only recent content but also actions by users, like reactions or status changes.

News feed

Image showing the 'follow' control on a member's profile page

Users can curate an activity feed tailored to their own preferences by selecting other community members to follow.


Image showing XenForo's newest content discovery feature

Your customers can help you publicize and grow your community.

XenForo makes it easy for visitors to your community to share pages and individual content items to a wide range of platforms, with rich previews as standard.

Rich metadata

Pages served by XenForo contain extensive metadata including specific fields for Facebook's OpenGraph and Twitter Cards, so that when links to your community are shared, any unfurling services will get a great preview of your content.

Enhanced Search

Even better search results can be had at lightning speed with the XenForo Enhanced Search add-on product, which will satisfy even the largest and most demanding communities.