Everyone wants to sail up the search engine listings. We can help.

Effective, proven optimization

Key to organic search listings is effective structure and management of your content.

XenForo is built with this as a primary consideration, so your content is presented to search engine robots in an optimal fashion that makes the best of everything within your community.

Friendly URLs

Image showing a friendly XenForo URL

Nobody wants to see a load of arcane characters in the URL for a page of content.

XenForo allows any resource to be reached using a friendly URL that resembles a file path including the title of the content, with no query string gobbledygook attached.

Rendering speed

Search engines prefer sites that load fast.

Our pages are heavily optimized in numerous ways to allow the fastest possible turnaround between a link being clicked and a finished page being delivered.

RDFa and Microdata

Image showing a Google search result including the XenForo breadcrumb data extracted from microdata

To give search engines (and screen readers) even more clues as to what they are seeing, XenForo HTML is enriched with attributes according to, allowing tags to be specifically identified as containers of their precise content type.

Semantic HTML

Every page in XenForo is built using fully semantic HTML 5, so search engine robots can dive right in to the content they are meant to be reading without getting bogged down in navigation or interface chrome.


Image showing the XML source code of a XenForo-generated sitemap

To assist search engines in indexing the whole of your community content, XenForo can automatically generate a standards-compliant XML sitemap.

Hide irrelevant content

Image showing the option to hide signatures from guest users

Some content is only useful to humans, such as the signatures members may include with their messages. Increase the signal-to-noise ratio of your pages by hiding this sort of material from unregistered visitors and robots.

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