XF 1.0 Real-World Page Loading Speed

This isn't so much a 'have you seen this feature' post as one that goes some way to explaining why interacting with XenForo is such an immediate, pleasurable experience.

The following is screen-grabbed from Google Webmaster Tools.



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Good job on that, not only it will help admins using xenforo rank better in search engines (now speed is considered a seo factor by google) but also and most importantly will provide a more pleasant navigation for users. (y)
Nice results... you can really tell by the feel of this site though it is amazing soooo soooo snappy its great :D
Over time please don't do like all other software and create bloat. If you can keep this up during the life of this product, you have my lifetime respect :)
Is this XF going to work with Nginx without any issues?
Or do you consider using XF on Nginx?

They're using Apache, but I'm sure it would be pretty easy to get things working on nginx. The hardest part would be doing all the URL rewriting stuff. (I've never worked with nginx so I don't know how that type of stuff is implemented - it may just work as-is.) :)
Few points
1. What are the server specs that this site is run on? This will make a big difference because majority of members here will be on a shared or low-spec vps.
2. Would love to see an updated pic since the server has been hammed pretty good recently. It would be nice to see the loading speed stays in that range.
3. I'm setting up a new server that use litespeed instead of Apache?Is it supported?
Our rewrite is incredibly simple, and if you can't rewrite URLs for whatever reason, we support that too.
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