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10/10, this add-on is working perfectly and was needed for my forum. Thank you Fred and MtoR for your work !
Thanks !
Amazing version. When I switched to this, I removed several add-on's by others trying to give staff access to ban features and information. This truly is a single solution that fits use by all levels of staff.
Talk about upping the anti. From xf1 to xf2 version, they honestly feel so different. This version of chat is just so smooth and lovely to use.
This should be in the core IMO. There is good purpose for having rejected users data around for small periods. I would recommend to others to shift the 10 min cron to more like 10 or 14 days, which helps with anti-spam default settings, stopping the same rejected users registering in those time frames. A good add-on solution overall.
I do love to close up old content, and combined with [XD] Old Thread Notice, the two really complete one another.
Does the job its intended to do, and only left amazon links which are not product based -- so effective at distinction.
Love the simplicity of this. Would always be nice if parser all and this were one, but hey... together they do work amazingly.
As always, just an amazing system. Loved the xf1 version, the new additions and ease of use in this one... best ads system for XF without question.
This is highly effective for admin use, allowing control to fix user issues. I would not recommend you use it for moderators, as they can login to your admin account and access permissions they otherwise do not have.
A simple way to monitor any attempts on the ACP. Mine shows zero attempts, other than those supposed to be there, proving other methods are working effectively for me.
Simple and effective. Completes another add-on I use that auto closes threads at one year, this just adds the custom notice to help people understand why they can't reply to it.
This is truly an amazing method to highlight threads. 5 stars even with the few bugs it still has... really nice.
Been running it for years. Couldn't run my forums without it. I pretty much get zero spam making it through. I like it so much, I re-purchased it when the new owner took over.
Imported it without problems now let's see how things will work out. My forum isn't live yet but I'm taking precautions before I do :)
Thank you for considering this resource and for your 5-star rating, best of luck going live!
I've replied to your issue in the Discussion thread, let me know if that solution worked for you.
One of the better decisions I've made... users absolutely love the ability to just ignore entire forums and threads that they simply do not want to see or partake within. Happy users equals more posting in the right places.
Always been a fan of trending systems, and this doesn't disappoint. Users love jumping onto popular discussion, it promotes discussion. Themehouse have taken leaps and bounds with the quality of their add-on's. Very smooth, no issues. Keep up the great work.
We plan on taking many more leaps and strides with updating this add-on and many more with some awesome updates! Be sure to keep a look out for them. Thanks so much for the kind words as well! :) Glad to hear you like [TH] Trending!
I've used every cover type add-on developers have output since XF's inception (yes, that long), and this is by far the simplest, mature version I have used. It just works, works well with other styles, and user love it. Big fan of presets by the way, nice touch.
Thank you kindly Anthony but we have many other features coming soon to [TH] Covers for XenForo 2! Be sure to keep a watch out for them.
One of my favourite add-on's... love the simple, powerful, features it adds for users use and overall improvement of the forum system. Thank you.
Much appreciate your kind words Anthony! Continue enjoying our many other add-on's for XenForo 2!
I can't live without this on any community I run or manage. Something so simple, makes common responses much more pleasurable, than writing them repeatedly. Thank you for this add-on.
This should be default XF... brings a forum inline with the mobile world for emoji use. Nice work. A big hit with my users.