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5-Star add-on without hesitation.

Can't believe I'm the second one to leave a review here for such a high quality add-on. It makes the threads look much more eye and brain friendly. It's very thoughtful and almost, if there's really any, bug free after so many updates.

The developer is responsive and is willing to listen and consider any constructive inputs which is a big plus.
Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated.
A true must-have addons for forums that don't have a long "Who's Online" user list. Works as described, and the developer is clearly active and listening to feedback as a suggestion I made was implemented next day. Great work!
Absolutely awesome!. It works and works really really well. Thank you so much for creating this fantastic add-on
thank you so much. You saved me from a huge trouble...
With permission, I will translate the plugin into Turkish ... I will also publish the language file
One of the best add-ons, support that responds in less than 30 minutes. You want to ask for an add-on, you ask for it and they give it to you. Managing an associative forum, they have been a great help! I recommend them to you!
Verry good add-on, work fine ;), If you want to prevent duplicate accounts, take this add-on ! It's a really good add-on :)
I have been dreading doing the conversion for a couple of years now! I finally had to bite the bullet and do it. It took me a couple hours, and that included getting distracted a bit. The only glitch I had was having to convert the background image, and the info how to use the console to find problems made it simple to track down. Well done!
Great. Just what I needed. Saves me loads of server space. Thanks. Hope you will keep it free for good 😊
Excellent addon! Well designed, works smoothly and everything is for free. Totally recommend.
This is a superb and easy guide, Great for beginners. Creating sprite-sheet and adding my own was absolutely fun :)
I love these simple addons that work perfectly. just after the installation and are extremely useful. Thank you very much!
Thank you for your review !
Looks to be the best Similar Threads addon available. Works as advertised and the reason I chose this over others is the list of similar threads disappear once the user goes to start typing their message.
Very useful addon. When no moderator is around and some member posts something nasty, community can take care of the situation.
It is also nice to be abIe to set different moderation point for each user group.
Xon improves what is already there and if there is some function missing in the core, he adds it. You need his addons to make xenforo perfect. This is on of the must haves for us. Makes moderation much easier.
This is what an ideal search system should be. You can't go back after experiencing instant search results and autocomplete. Similar threads functions is a bonus. It is a well thought, well coded addon.
Xon is professional and helpful.
The support system is very bad, you wait for days after typing. I do not suggest. Think again before buying.
best plugin to buy if you looking for rewards, cheap too. fast support. great developer. great job. i love it.
Very useful . comes with two widgets. many options to choose which data to display, and its working Great. Thanks for the author.
I was really surprised by the possibilities and features of this addon. the styling is also nice and modern. the author answered fast my questions.
A very useful feature for large forums is X-Accel-Redirect. Which allows you to solve the problem of the forum, which puts all the work on php, but thanks to this function, you can transfer it to the nginx web server.