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Another great addon by Xon. Does what it says and adds very useful bb codes. You can deactivate any custom bb codes you don't need. The general editor improvements are also nice and some of them were even recently integrated into XF core.

As with all addons by Xon: If you find the described functions useful, you may buy it without hesitation. High code quality and author is very responsive. As usual, bugs may appear, but get fixed quickly - at least that's what I experienced.
Initial development was done at my since has been sub-par. Quit working with the 2.2 update, and the developer takes forever to respond to update requests.
After Elegant Dark, Exclusive Dark was the 2nd that I bought for another website. Professionally made theme. Lots of features (needs a page to list them), and superiors support by Osman at their site.
I am glad that you have such nice thoughts for us. We will always try our best to help you with support.
As the name says, .... ELEGANT. Professionally made theme. It's the first time that I'm working with dark theme at all, but the combination of colors are very easy for the eyes. Lots of features (needs a page to list them), and superiors support by Osman at their site.
Do the job perfectly !
I have a lot of nodes in which threads from rss feeds are created. As soon as a member replies to one of these discussions, it is directed to another forum. This makes it easy to purge (with Andy's auto-delete addon for example) RSS forums.

This is just a small addon that makes a big difference, especially when having to do a lot of editing.

Thank you!
This is a great very simple mod, I'd been trying to work something like that out myself so many thanks!
Thank you.
The ACP mass pm with time deletion has been a saver. We have promotions that are time sensitive and with this, users will have a better experience when their inbox is not filled with expired content.

A great add-on in the era where people care more about privacy.
Excellent addon that does just as described. I highly recommend it to those looking to further categorize nodes. Had a small concern and Xon responded in a minute. Great addon and very nice developer.
Visually impressive and works perfectly. If you're looking to add an "umph" to your music discussions, you can't go wrong with this addon!
Absolutely awesome addon vital for any forum discussing media. It's visually clean, works just as described, and the developer is quick to answer.
This addon is an absolute must for any forums discussing media. Works great and the developer is very helpful!
This add-on is quite handy. I had forgotten about RSS for a while yet RSS can often be handy in helping to generate content which is especially helpful for newer forums. This is an easy way to avoid unrelated posts to your forum. Thanks for this. :)
This addon is great. Realtime conversation & thread replies makes the whole site feel entirely more modern. Would love to see the index page update, profile statuses update, etc.
Adds some much needed usefulness to XF's tag feature. Would highly recommend for anyone who uses tags
Absolutely amazing addon! Quickly checking some pages the average loaded fonts were before this addon 585kB.. After installing it loads roughly 50kB, a reduction of ~92% in size.. This should be installed all XF forums :)
Thanks @Kirby !

This tool is one of the best enhancements for XF 2.x anywhere.
This gives XF a turbo, even with mobile sites: D
Easy to install, very good FAQ in case of problems and really free of charge.
One of the single greatest addons you can add to your XF2 site right now. Thats about all I have to say.
Very useful add-on. And it is free! Donate if you can so Joshy can continue supporting it for years to come. Oh yeah, Joshy, change the addon logo to another one with a better resolution. It is definitely worth it haha.
Still working in 2021 with XF 2.2.6 PAtch 2 !! Many thanks for this useful SQL query mister Jake Bunce !!