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For the simple admin a little complicated to use, but once you understand the tool can thus achieve really good effects. Thank you also that such effective tools are provided free of charge.
Amazing skin style. love everything about this. will be buying this for my xf2 forums as well. Hoping soon for a light version of this but i am willing to wait. :)
Thanks for the review! Glad you like the style Csf1 and I definitely recommend the jump to XF2. DarkTabbed for XF2 has even better features and UI which I hope you will enjoy for your site :-)
This add-on does exactly what it needs to do, configuring it is very easy. fast response from the developer to questions.
Working very well. This add-on give the users the option to disable the censor system. The censor is enabled by default for visitors (and users).
No problems with payment, download and installation. No bugs registered in my live community. I can recommend this resource.
love this classic feature... it should be core -- it's a fun statistic. These reviews require too many characters, this is really simple - 5 stars, great add-on, simple to install and it works. :-)
Brad Padgett
Brad Padgett
Thank you for the comments
Adds a few much-needed permissions for fine tuning what your moderators can and cannot do. Highly recommended!
Despite the potential of this extension that could actually enhance the security of users on Xenforo, the developers behind this extension are absolutely not listening to these customers and drag to update the extension after sending more than 20 emails about problems of use with YubiKey or double authentication by SMS, the two important features to the extension does not work badly or not at all. The extension has potential but not the team that maintains it.
Essential Xenforo 2 add-on. This was a must for my 1.x forum and continues to be highly useful in the 2.1 world. Thanks for this!
as @klaush said; "This is a must for all boards in the EU because of GDPR.".
Easy to install, easy to use...
Thanks in advance for sharing!
Good to hear you have use for the addon, and thanks for the review.
This is a great add on and works as expected..easy to install and performs its function literally in seconds...
Great addon with good support. Easy to use multiple accounts for your users and yourself like on a role play forum
Thank you for your review
Awesome software! Love it, does the job and then some! Make my forum look nice and alive. Would buy from this seller again!
AdBlock detection works perfectly. The new update beats out my latest adblocker which is usually pretty good on most sites. Nicely done!
Thanks @DWilly - glad it's working well for you! More updates to come soon
The new update is perfect. I've turned off every page and users are still forced to complete all of my additional registration fields once they've finished confirming their email. Good job!
Thank you and thanks for the feedback in conversation, I'll make updates soon.
Working great on my XF2.1 boards. Much better then the default XF content ratings, thanks heaps Xon. A+
Must be incompatible with X2.1 ... broke my installation with a laundry list of Server Errors ("ErrorException: Template error: Template public:XenStickyKonu is unknown") -- quickly uninstalled. Also, this doesn't seem to work on a thread-level, meaning you cant show a different notice per a different thread-id. That was my understanding of it. Gave 3 stars (vs 1) because the dev offered this for free and that in itself, deserves thanks.
Who doesn't love a free addon that helps speeding up your site! This is awesome and made my site noticeable faster even if it doesn't have a ton of images.
This plugin is really nice. I'd say it saved my life. You did a good job. Everyone should use this plugin.
I'm glad this helps you :)
After this extension, I had been looking for a long time, thanks for the fact that you share the tool for free and that I do not have to open an extra account for free tool in an extra forum.
Wow! ThemeHouse kills it again with an amazing add-on. This addon is worth it with just 1 feature and it's got much more than that.
Excited to hear that you are enjoying this add-on! We much appreciate your kind feedback as well.