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Great additions to the standard search within XenForo - all those options that you were looking for and lots more.

Also, the author's support is fantastic, fixing issues very quickly.
Still testing it... however It lets me build a Yelp style section within my forum. A business Listing. Epic
I'd give this 7 stars if possible. Further to good content on your forum, this is a really great and useful thing for SEO, anyone who knows SEO will affirm that
Excelent, working as intended, the most difficult part is being accepted in Binance with a merchant account
Such a useful addon. Can easily see what needs updates. I have around 25 addons from various people and this makes them manageable. Thanks
I became aware of XenTR only a few days ago and find the company an absolutely brilliant solution provider. Good and very valuable work from Turkey - keep it up (!)

..find under XenTR surely more suitable add-ons for my forum or for the next project.
Very awesome add-on, As I am using it for security purpose. Thank you NICK97 for your support, new features and updates. Good Job.
Thank you for your feedback
Excelent add-on to Index forums or resoources and give my members a easy way to sort some stuff. Great! :-)
This is one of my favourite addons, exactly what I've wanted for years. I agree it should have been in the core but this is an excellent answer to wasting all that time checking
Fantastic add-on, very responsive developer! This should absolutely be a XenForo core function. Thank you for sharing!
This Add-On is really helpful and very well integrated! The quick Overview is also good. Maybe integrate a filter for "Show only AddOns with update?"
Thank you for sharing this!
Quick Search has the potential to be a great addon but right now it's inaccurate and unreliable. The first post of the threads at the very least should be included in the search and not just the thread title. Searching by titles only should be an option not a fixed default. We're receiving numerous complaints from members saying nothing shows up when quick searching for certain keyword(s) when in fact there are existing posts containing the keyword(s). So we ended up uninstalling this addon after a week since it creates confusion and misleading results.
Gerard addon. Working perfect. I have used it for a long time without any problem. Very practical for giving a predefined response for some posts.👍
Excellent support and excellent products. Well worth the money if it's a paid product from this developer and if it's free - even more reason to give it a go! Developer also listens to feedback and takes on product suggestions. Thank you Apathy!
We have needed something like this! Thank you! Works as advertised! I am Installing on all my sites!
It gives excellent options to both the user and the admin! It keeps thing simple and clean and is self explanitory.
Works extremely well, truonglv completed this project for me and now our users have a way to authenticate. Stripe's prices aren't too bad.
I will never undertsand why such existentiell functions are not core functions. Great idea and also a good working add-on. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)
I am using Xenforo Cloud Site. I have installed and easy to use. The author of this addon also gives advice for SEO.
Thank you for your review !
The addon works as it should. (There was something wrong on my side)

The developer is reliable and was happy to look into the issue.
I am very pleased that we were able to solve the problem...