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An essential tool for forums that have a team of moderators. It adds the functionality we previously had with VB. Everything is in one convenient place, without them having to have access to Admin Console.
Works flawlessly. Installed and works exactly as it states. Perfect idea for getting guests to register.
We're migrating from another forum software to XenForo and this plugin is exactly what we wanted... Thx!
Hello, thank you for your review !
Extremely nice and clean looking forum. Very easy on the eyes. This is one of the best "dark" themes out there IMHO. Thank you for this Gator!
Thanks @Finnigan for taking the time to review my style. So glad you like it. Enjoy the holidays. :)
This is an excellent resource. Installed easily and works quite well. Still figuring out a few thing but easy so far. Adds a nice pro touch to a basic forum.

Very happy with it :)
Brad Padgett
Brad Padgett
Thank you for your review
Finally after long time searching, xenfocus recommended this add on, rather changing css on every theme. just a Perfect solution! massive thanks
Useful little addon. It can be frustrating for some users when they create a new thread and it's almost immediately buried by one or more other people on a posting spree, so I've created a "Bumpers" group that allows certain users to bump x-many of their threads per day. Also useful for me as admin to occasionally give more exposure to threads I think deserve it for whatever reason.
Glad you like it and found such a good use for it. Thanks for leaving a review.
Not only is it great software, but these guys also helped me debug an issue at 11pm on a friday night. Amazing support and highly recommended.
My mods like it, they were misssing some features from vbulletin modcp and this addon give they even more :D
nice flexible donation system with ability to connect custom paygate and built-in widgets (hall of fame etc.)
The only thing better than Xon's plugins is his service...had an issue with a recent release and he solved it promptly. SO glad I can rely on so many of his free and paid resources!!
Small but very useful addon. In our community we have a classifieds forum where threads need to go thru approval (checking that a price was given, pictures attached aso.)

OOTB the mods could only delete, but no info could be given back to the user directly. (one needed to start a conversation, explain reasons ...)

Now this is all in one place and the poster gets an alert if deleted (and also if approved).

Had a little bug initially (alert for delete did not work) but response here within minutes and also the fix !
Thank you. Fixed the og image issue. Was struggling to find a proper solution and came across this code. This did the job.
Thanks for the review!
Fantastic framework that makes it easy to customize designs. Love how there are so many options for mobile use. The support team is amazing and always gets back to us with any fixes we need, no matter how "small" the issue is. We use this product with two TH themes and have recently been testing out the Node Grid options, which have given our site a whole new look. Great job!
I'm using this since 1.5. Recently i've had a small problem and Xon helped me out within a second. Awesome support, very friendly and reliable!!! Thank you!
Add-on is working well on 2.2. I hope more features will be added to this add-on. This add-on will definitely help to prevent spam also and boost seo if setup properly by setting minimum post on first thread.
An excellent add-on once again from the XF2 Addons collection.
If you are running a XenForo forum, $35.00 to access the massive collection of add-ons will be one of the best purchases you will make.
Absolutely love this.. Thank you for offering this to us.. I think my mods will love it! Easy to use and set up..
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. My users demanded this feature because it used to exist on vBulletin.
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. My users don't use the extended search syntax much but it's nice to have it.