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Having it by default at "yes" is problematic when I have several groups created, and if I want to select select groups for which I do need to show the statistics
I'm satisfied. Now I can give exams to my students. Indeed, the features are not as complete as LMS for WordPress, but this is quite good. I hope that in the future I can create more varied question types. For example matching, multiple choice, drag and drop, etc. I'm sure the developers can make it happen.
Does the trick very well & works flawlessly!

Makes sense, I think, to minimize excess clutter wherever possible—in this case for anyone using node statistics.
So instead of the full words: 'Threads', 'Messages' & 'Views', we simply have a single FA icon replacing each word, which effectively means discarding seventeen unnecessary characters.
Imo, this definitely seems to improve the overall visual presentation.

Thus, I am giving a full rating of 5/5 stars because this is without a doubt yet another top quality add-on by an exceptional developer.
I absolutely recommend both this [cXF] 'Node Stats Icons' add-on -as well as the many other superb add-ons available
Thank you for your review!
Thank you for creating this much needed, basic resource. Not sure how Xenforo missed this being a core feature, but we are grateful for you creating it. It works great and helps resolve a lot of issues for our staff and members alike.
Had to tweak some css values so it works with my theme, but it's working great and updating in real time with what i add in my google calendar
I'm pleased you got the time and style issue customised for your needs, thanks for taking the time to leave a review :)
Takes me back to the nostalgia of the 2000s when you just needed an email or user/pass to sign up. Streamlines the process giving a username that can be changed at any time so users can get to posting right away. Also, it is great for forums where users desire a little more anonymity, if they keep the assigned name. Hats off to Ozzy & Team.
Highly recommended! Excellent, easy to use mod that takes the guesswork (and code) out of adding your own custom prefixes. In addition, the developers are VERY responsive to support requests and bugs have been addressed in a quick and timely manner. Well done!
This addon will save your site from a lot of emails from being sent out. Email servers can get expensive. I dont like email notifications anyways. Thank you Andy.
Innovative graphic style and excellent assistance service to best customize the 4 styles available in the theme.
Thank you for your review :)
Has been a core function of our Fighter Group as shown here: heavily customized through phrases and CSS. Only bug I have personally encountered thus far, was after editing the task - each edit will also count towards total task completion amount, causing completion of 100% to become bugged. Other than that, great and very useful addon for our Xenforo install! Thank you!
Thank you for your review. Can you contact me for the bug you encounter?
This addon is really great for finally finding a solution to inactive users when there are too many of them, which is the case on my forum. I've done multiple tests and everything works perfectly. I am also very grateful to CRUEL-MODZ for solving my technical problem (Conflict with "Content Ratings" addon) immediately in the evening, it's very nice, it was a great help to me. And now, The update works like a thunder fire !
With this addon, you can request unlimited likes (of your choice) in the same subject, that's the strong point!
We can of course also ask for a mandatory response in the thread. For me, this is something very important and I recommend this addon to all administrators like me who have users showing bad will.
On the admin panel, everything is very clear and understandable.
You can disable options if you wish.
The price is suitable, don't hesitate!
Thanks a lot Cruel-Modz. :)
Hello there, thank you for your review. Glad you like it, if you need, just ask us ! :)
The developer is not providing support after add-on updates and errors the update created. I really liked this add-on, but I’m not going to support developers that don’t even answer to their clients.
I purchased this add-on only to find that I cannot use it on my subscription forum.

The add-on will place the member into a donation usergroup but will never take them out again. As my members subscribe on a yearly basic this means that once subscribed they would never have to subscribe again.

The add-on does have options to setup recurring payments but this caused a load of hurt on my forum when I did try this out at one time. So doing it this way is also not an option.

The option to show the Display latest donations and Display top donors is a must have on my forum. However in this one it will also display the cash amount each member donates and this cannot be shown on my forum at all.

The idea of showing how much a member donated has been discussed on my current PayPal Donation system and was outright rejected by my subscribers. They feel it will put those only being able to donate a small amount in a bad light with other that donate higher amounts.

So in closing I now own an add-on that I am unable to use on my forum
Have you tested the latest version? Even though you have given a negative review based on features that weren't advertised, I have added them in 1.4.0
We just purchased this add-on and our users already love it. Instant email notifications and the users will not miss any of the important replies. Thanks a lot for developing this add-on!
Life safer!

We are a long running forum with many member that have gone inactive over the years. When going down memory lane it is very handy to be able to mention and search for those golden oldies.
Great plugin - but the support is voided. We submitted countless tickets on the forums of the original developer and sent multiple emails in an attempt to get support (as it's advertised with the plugin) but no reply whatsoever. We had to hire an XF developer to fix several issues with this plugin as it looks bugged. 1/5 stars.
Awesome theme. I love it. I hope they continue to maintain it. It's the best looking xenforo theme in my opinion.
Thanks for the feedback @grabacontroller! I'm glad you're enjoying the theme :)
It was a great add-on with the last update. Congratulations to the developer, there is really a lot of work.
Thank you for your review.
Thank you! Finally someone saw that two important positions were missing. Hopefully in XF 2.3 this will be the default feature
Was looking for a sprite related tutorial and came across this which suited my needs perfectly........
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