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quickly solved a number of access issues that I didn't want to deal with. A real time saver. Thanks s9e !
I had issues with this on install, however XDinc contacted me back within minutes supporting and within 60 minutes with a fix for the issue i was seeing, without even having to log onto my board! Awesome work - Stars for the Add-on, support, and speed of resolution!
Dear friend, Thank you for your good suggestions and reported issues, enjoy the add-on. Thanks for leaving a review.
This is an excellent add-on if you would like to extend the awesome custom thread field functionality to each post. I am running a review website where each poster can now give his opinion through using stars and drop-down selection fields et cetera. Before this was only possible for the topic starter. Asking XDinc for support was very convenient and they went above and beyond to help me set it up.
The biggest contribution to the creation of this add-on is your trust. Good to know the add-on has helped you. Thanks for the review.
Another version of the best award system for xenforo (and it's still free!). I strongly recommend to try it out.
5 stars for the reason that this importer exists. 4 stars for documentation but 5+ stars for support. Thanks for making this, it saves me at upgrade from XF1 to XF2 and SonnB Gallery to XF Media Gallery.
Installs cleanly and works as advertised. Installation and usage instructions are clear and concise.

It performs the exact function we were looking for.
Thank you so much for this free add-on. For the similar addon Andy is charging $35 which is way expensive.
This is truly an "essential" add-on. The bulk of our forum activity takes place in Conversations, so offering members features to organize and control those conversations truly improves their experience on our site. Xon is always quick to reply to support tickets and issue bug fixes.
Fantastic. Works like a champ. I love it. Thanks for all. XF 2.6. Installed it and it works with no problems.
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Thank you codingking! We love to see the Dutch XF community growing which is great.
Amazing add-on! I asked Truonglv to add the ability to filter out prefixes and it was available within 2 days. Superb!
This is an amazing addon, an essential for so many XF sites and created by one of the most helpful developers.
Wonderful addon. Thank you for inviting me to the beta. This has been a huge performance boost to the forum.
Another golden add-on from Xon. Simple to use, comprehensive, and very well-thought-out! Fantastic support from Xon. Always replies with speed, and has solutions to issues. Couldn't recommend this more!
Could not get this addon to work. Even with a license key from Maxmind, waiting 24 hours, double-checking the key was valid by testing it manually, re-running the cron entry to make sure the data was downloaded, setting usergroup permissions, etc. Just produces a white page with an "unexpected error occured" for anyone who should be able to see flag info. Nothing in server log to debug why this happens, either.
Great plugin. This does exactly what I need with hosting events on my forum without a whole bunch of other fluff. And with the trouble I was having at first, he was pretty quick to respond and resolve. Great author.
Great plugin. Definitely helps with community participation on the forums. And with the trouble I was having at first, he was pretty quick to respond and resolve. Great author.
I've been using this plug-in since its beta and have it seen gradually improve. The team behind it has always been very responsive and helpful with questions and any issues that arise. Now that a stable version has been released I felt compelled to write a review.

Overall this plug-in is wonderful. I mainly use it for syncing users between WP and Xenforo. While I would prefer it to utilize the Xenforo registration system as I find it more refined and polished I realize the developers have been working to integrate their plug-in to work with WP registration plugins. As of this writing it's limited to commercial plug-ins only and I would like to see free/freemium add-ons also supported.

Another thing I would like to see is a way for the plug-in to do a scan of usernames and email address to generate a list for auto syncing. (It would also help in weeding out duplicate/sock accounts.)

All that said, version 1.2 does what it intends to do and it does it well. Hopefully as time goes on we'll see more refinements and additions to it.
Thank you for the review and your help along the way! We have some ambitious plans for the plugin and with the success of the major 1.2 release we are excited at what is now possible to build next.
Great add-on. Couldn't ask for more from a free add-on. Makes a real difference to my forum. Recommended!
Thank you very much for the norwegian translation. Norwegian language pack is spot on. This was exactly what i was looking for since i will have norwegians as main audience. It suits perfectly for my forum. I give it 5 out 5. Thank you very much Garamond.
Thanks a lot, charmake :) highly appreciated!
Excellent add-on, I have disabled an alternative (paid) add-on that has only a fraction of the features of this one.