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I run a website for authors, and we were using an add-on that allows for multiple nested comments, which can be very handy vs. someone "replying" 4 pages down the thread. We updated Xenforo software and the comments disappeared! YIKES is right! The company that made the add-on basically said they were sorry, but they weren't going to update it, they were moving in a different direction, etc.

Ozzy47 of OzzModz came to the rescue. His company took the time to fix the add-on and the first time we installed it, it worked perfectly and all 17,000+ comments snapped into place!

You can trust this man to come through for you. I am living proof. I have well over 1,000 very happy members once again.


This addon imported thousands of blog entries without a problem and saved me countless hours. Recommended.
Sometimes an addon just exceeds what you thought it would do. I can't imagine functioning without this.
Thanks for this! It works great, does exactly what it's meant to do. It helps our Trade Members save time and post regular content. 5/5!
Support is hit and miss with this guy - I've submitted questions on his forum site and gotten feedback of consequence once.
Hey mavortium - thanks for the feedback! I've just taken a look at the support forum and was unable to find any pending support requests. If you're able to PM me a URL of a topic which you're waiting for, I'll be happy to look into it for you! :)
It's a really useful plugin, I highly recommend it. There has been no problem so far. Thank you for making the plugin.
Thanks a lot for your review. I am glad that you like the addon!
One of the best ways to reward your users with personalization perks. Let your active and loyal community members stand out with this add-on.
Everything is behind permissions, making this perfect for user upgrades.

Very frequent and major noticeable changes/features are added to make this even better. Apathy takes suggestions seriously, which is a huge plus.

Communication and support are amazing. Almost always instant replies and provides constructive support. Helps you through a reported issue and makes sure the add-on works as it's intended to.

Overall, the add-on is worth more than asked for. If you need support, you sure will get that. 10/10
Thanks a lot for the kind words, and for always reporting the bugs you encounter! It helps make the addon better for everyone!
I was in a rush to change email services, I found this plugin, signed up on Sparkpost and had it working in just 5 minutes. Sending emails fine, gave me a score 10/10 and bounced emails working fine too.
This plugin is a must have if you want to monetize...
It works perfectly and Siropu's support is always more than perfect.
Seems easy enough to use and does what it says but only supports PayPal. Trying to use any other URL results in a error message. So, does not work with for example buymeacoffe, patreon etc.
I only know PayPal😱🙈. Therefore, instead of seeing it negatively, I would have been happy if you had expressed it as a positive wish.

But OK... An incentive... So that you then have to change your rating😂😂😂
thank you, this plugin did the job since there is no easy way to do this directly in the templates themself.
This plugin is awesome...
Global reduction of 80%, from 563kb to less than 60, really amazing!

Also, Kirby helped me in DM to optimize and fit to my needs...
Cool little "quality of life" improvement that helps bring bookmarks more front and center where they're likely to be noticed more by users, especially the casual ones, and hopefully used more as a consequence.
Thanks for taking the time to review, glad you like it :)
Works well as intended, the developer replies fast in case you have an issue. I like the addon. Thank you.
Thank you for your review
Great addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is great and it works.
Great addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering downloading it. Customer support is great with questions answered very quickly.
Great addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is great and it works.
Another great add-on from Ozzy47, a great developer in the XF scene. This product is a must have and god send for me, since my site is basically a news aggregator, dealing manually with more than 4.000 new threads from my feeds by day.
Just imagine clicking everyday, deleting, hard deleting, moving threads to another node, every single day! Well, my problem now is solved. No bugs, no server errors and work as designed.
This spam blocking addon by Xon is absolutely essential for any XF install. It's kept our forums basically free of spam since I installed it. Xon's paid and free addons are top-notch, frequently updated and support is excellent.
Fantastic! I've been cursing the performance challenges of Xenforo (just migrated from phpBB) when my rankings and traffic started to drop due to Google's Pagespeed numbers. I'd tried numerous things, but this is by far the BEST bump back up. Thank you!