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I desperately needed this addon.

Okay, it's not ideal for me, I wish the addon put things back the way XF1 had it with Users as it's own queue in the above header menubar with the red alert number, that would be my only critique, but I still rate it at 5 stars for it's utility.

But even so, without this, my forum wouldn't be able to run one of our premium events, the trivia contest where we queue trivia answers in the moderation queue.

Without this addon, all the new users would get lost in the mess of hundreds or waiting trivia replies!

Thanks AndyB
A decent little app, I know that not every forum may find this useful, we have an A to Z forum that acts like a bit of a wiki, we use this app to randomly display facts from this forum at the bottom of the forum and it's fun to scroll down and see the random post picked. If your forum has an area like this, then this widget might work for you too!
Another favorite widget for my forum, makes it easy to see who the biggest contributors to the forum are every week, and if any newcomers are in the list each week!
A simple widget that does exactly what it is supposed to do! If you get this one, you probably also want the Most Posts widget by AndyB as well.
This addon is perfect for our forum, although we don't use all it's features, by providing more content for our users to read as they browse our forum, this addon is a must have. Very good!
A very good addon, we love this feature! So good to be able to go back and see where you were if you want to go back and review something!
I liked the idea of this calendar, but it's really meant for forums who schedule meetings every week. It's not meant for scheduling annual events like birthdays and anniversaries as we were hoping to use it. We may still find some use for this, but not for what I was hoping for....
An absolutely stunning style/theme! It's smooth, easy to use and the added extras, attention to detail are second to none. I asked @Ehren to quickly add some extra customisations for me too on top and he did it literally that evening.
Superb style, excellent help and very professional. We bought both style options on the discounted price. Well worth it.
Thanks for the review Kris, glad you're enjoying the themes so far! :)
I am surprised to see that I haven't reviewed this add-on. By far, its one of my favorite add-ons. I have forms created for GDPR requests, business requests, account upgrade cancellations, domate, moderator applications, submission requests, etc. I love this add-on. Thanks!
It works really well with simple information thanks for making it and sharing it with all of it <3 it works very well
Great theme, simple and user friendly. A fairly new generation of mobile interface. You can also get immediate response to your support requests.
Very thankful for the kind feedback as we are glad to hear you are enjoying the theme and that our support team was able to help you out immediately! :)
The best map solution available for XF 1.x.x on market! 5 stars! It's cost worth every cent. Thank you guys!
A company called ForumCube wanted US$400 for an add-on something almost exactly like this. I turned them down because of cost. I had my old vB 3.8.9 forum set up to do this.
best advertising add-on ever!!!
siropu is amazing!! i love this add-on so much
it has many features and it's easy for users to buy ads,
siropu has great support and it always improving this add-on
his is one of the top add-no developers here and i trust him,
i am happy to buy his add-ons
tank you sir for this amazing add-on!!
hip hip hooray for siropu!!
this add-on is the best link directory add-on for xf2!
i also owned the xf1 link directory and i loved it!! so i ask au lait to make the add-on for xf2 as well,
he is an awesome developer and i can't live without this add-on, my users love it and he always add many features,
hope you continue to improve this add-on forever!
tank you sir!! you are king!!
hip hip hooray!! 5 stars!!
This is hands down the best theme for XenForo, in my opinion. And I have been here since the early beginning of this software and have tested several products over the years. If you buy a ThemeHouse-product, you will not be disappointed!
Much appreciate the continued support for our themes and your kind review! Continue enjoying Abyss and let us know if we can help with anything else! :)
Beta 3 works fine, thank you. I would recommend it is a link directory is what you are looking for. Top quality support too
Wow! Just what I was looking for. I love the examples given. Why isn't this in the official documentation?
This is a super add-on. It does exactly what it says it will do and it does it quickly. Thanks Andy.
This add-on allows you to quickly view attachments to your discussions. A very useful add-on if you regularly have attachments in your discussions, I recommend it !