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Latest reviews

I totally agree with @Movie Prop Sites. We have 20 million posts going back to the year 2000, and this add-on is single-handedly rebuilding our threads by restoring photobucket images. Thanks to AndyB we won't ever have this issue again.
Great theme! Excellent support! Thank you!
I would recommend to allow theme auto-install even after license expiration :)
Finally! I've been running weekly drawings and stuff partly based on thread-count dependent user-groups, which required me to keep going back to my old SMF install to check what groups required how many threads, and what members were already members of those existing groups, etc.. Glad to finally have this functionality back in XF - you know, the same functionality I had in SMF 10 years ago. ;)
The rating system has been received well. This helps our members quickly find the answer that resolved the OP's post. We look forward to continued support and updates!
I was in the original ten customers who joined up to test. Aayush has been great and has been in constant communication with me since the day we started using his app for iOS and Android, he has added in everything we've ever asked for and is still adding stuff till this day. I can easily recommend it to anyone who wants a decently priced alternative to Tapatalk. You can find this being used at RpNation.com

Search for RpNation on your respective app store if you want to check it out.
I have to admit it is very nicely done. Gives a preview of how my own forum might look under XF2 whenever it is released. But for now, it provides a good alternative UI option to my forum members who have access to ad-free themes.
Brilliant add on, does what it says on the tin. Integration was smooth after a few tweaks here and there. The posts to discord works brilliantly, you can customise which posts get set to discord and allows login via discord which i think is rather great. Great work NIX
This add-on works great. It has the best value out of all the discord add-ons. The login integration is seamless, as well as posting links to newly posted threads on your discord server. Being able to manage your channels from the admin CP is a huge bonus too. have to say that if you don't know what you're doing, setting it up may be a bit confusing, but just contact NixFifty and I'm sure he'll help you out! If you have a Discord Server for your forum, you need this add-on!
Outstanding! These little tweaks are just what people are looking for, just takes a little bit of searching to find your needs.
I love how this add-on gets our members images from their forum posts right out there on the front page. Well done, Andy!
After installation received over a hundred errors - the same as noted in the discussion thread last month. The avatars did not take on the colors I specified in the options and there is no way to set them to show only for members without custom avatars. I put in a ticket yesterday AM and still haven't heard anything back. Meh!
This is a perfect ad on for what I was looking to do which is offer a tiered system with paid features. I will use this tag resource as a "feature." of a specific tier. I installed it with no problems. I like how uniform the tags look within the page.
Just to correct my comment below: With the latest version everything is perfect. Add-on uses very well the styles from UI.X based themes (tested Xenith + Abyss), looks great without any need for additional CSS modifications. Support is awesome too. Thank you!
We are glad it works perfectly for you now, thank you!
What's exactly i'm looking for! Thanks for the awesome design! I hope you guys gonna ported to XF2 later on ;) Thanks again and God bless you!
Awesome add-on ..would love to see it more out of beta. It is very well done. Works as expected, have experienced no issues - but would like to see a version where you could require an avatar at join with less browser compat. concerns.
Great add-on, contains all functions one could imagine and even more. Motivates users to create threads and participate in forums. Works with UI.X based styles too (only little CSS tweak needed). Add-on is frequently updated, good and fast support by the author too.
Thank you for the feedback!
Thank Andy for this best tool, it help me save hosting space alot. Really useful for any large forums.
Yep, once again! My members immediately responded positively to this feature with great thanks in helping them find other threads they knew were there.
Awesome add on - works perfectly as expected! (when you are smart enough to remember to turn the permission to allow lol) - Great work and thanks for the contribution!
Awesome update! Thank you for adding in the support for larger logos, that works perfectly! Logo block height can be used to add a little extra padding, depending on your logo - but hasn't been necessary for ours.

I have to tell everyone, do not let the price point of this theme fool you - it is better, not only in functionality, but also in support than themes I have seen (and purchased) at three times+ the price.

This is being actively developed, the customer service is exceptional - if you do not see what you need in a future release, he is very likely to provide you a work around until it can be programmed in.

I cannot say enough how pleased I am that we ran across this developer and his themes. This one is a keeper.

A+ on all ends.
Thank you so much for the review! The positivity received really makes it a joy to work on the theme and to want to push out more, even better features over time!

I'm really happy you're liking the theme and can't wait to roll out the new content in the works :-)