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This is one of the smoothest working add-ons I've used in a while. Very good and very helpful. Finally an app for sub-node icon change! And it's free too! Dev is very responsive and on the ball. Thank you again.
Thank you very much!
Great extension !!! Very useful for my photo and video forum, thank you very much and well done !! :))))
Thank you for review.
Thanks a lot for this great and neat addon. A must have for Cloudflare users. A must have for those using XMG and hosting lots of videos.
works perfectly! excelent work and very happy with the translation. cheap translation and 100% recomended.
Amazing. Instant access to content after payment. Fast support, love themehouse! 10/10

I love the themes, i like the light and dark. I initially bought the light theme but now prefer dark.
I love this theme. Very easy to customize!
It completely changed my forum's ugly outdated look into a painting...
Very useful. It helps me a lot to understand how to call Xenforo API to use for my addon.
Thank you very much.
Excellent add-on! Works out of the box, was really easy to set up and get going in a jiffy! Highly recommended!
Excellent ad-on and looks really good on forums. It does conflict with Mr. Jinx ad on but that is another issue. Overall excellent ad-on and thank you so much for creating it. :)
This theme is really great, I would recommend it to anyone. This is the best theme to buy for the price.
XenForo's history in syncing with Wordpress is littered with bugs galore so I've never been confident enough to hook it up with Wordpress... Until now. Although this is a young add-on, I've been very impressed with its capabilities and most importantly, how solid and stable it is.

I'm further stoked to see its e-commerce capabilities emerge, esp. robust integration with MemberPress on Wordpress. It makes it easy to have premium subscription forums/usergroups.

Am really looking forward to watching this baby grow. Props, Mangini!

Thank you for the very kind review! The biggest feature of the plugin is in fact its stability, and with it will come anything we want. Big things coming soon. :)
This add-on was just what I was looking for. Installs fine and works great. Thank you again Andy. You're a blessing to Xenforo.
Excellent ad-on. Works great! Easy to use and really handy especially if you run out of space on your main navigation bar. I use this to display my TOS and Privacy policy links. Thank you!
Thank you for your review!
This is a great little Ap. Looks fantastic in mobile with great design options. This is one of my favorite ad-ons. Once again, thank you. You are a treasure to Xenforo.
Great to hear you find it useful and thank you for your nice review.
This did not work at all. It took all the attachments out of all the posts in threads as well as the Resource Manager. When anyone tried to upload an attachment, it would only simply show the link and not the actual image or attachment. I tried many things to try to get it to work, including changing the options, disabling other add-ons to see if there was a conflict and nothing has worked.

I had asked a question on the XenBros website and it was answered immediately, but since then support is no where to be found. I asked if this add-on worked with answer. I told them that the add-on was not working as answer. I've also asked for a refund now and still there is no answer.

I suggest you stay away from this add-on as it does not work at all & there is NO support once you have purchased it and installed it.
Thanks for purchasing addon but as I can see there is no conversation from you in my account and there a not a single message addon discussion
We are happy to change your mind 😊
Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. Works flawlessly. Thank you for yet another great add-on. Always grateful. :)
Thank you for your nice review and I'm glad you find it useful!
Great little tweak, not sure why it's not included in the node options.

Using it with a node id conditional for our articles section 😗👌
An essential add-on for limiting the overtly social value of out-of-the-box reactions. Simple to use.
One of the best add-ons for XF. The easy management of group memberships frees time from extra moderation duties and accessing the admin panel.
Addon is very good, but amazing support is better than addon. Addon is compatible with many theme without any problem.
Thanks @truonglv