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Just one more way to make it easier for users to discover content. There's always people who will tend to focus on the first couple of pages of threads in a parent node/forum, often ignoring content in subnodes/subforums, and this helps ensure that at least the more recent of that content will get more attention. Even better if used in conjunction with Xon's prefix addons. Easy and quick to set up on a per node basis or site-wide.
Excellent addon. Very important for keeping track of problematic users. The new inclusion in search results is most welcome.
This is a total game-changer. Easiest installation of my life and it works seamlessly out of the box. I don't know why there aren't many options for remote image uploading on this website so thank you!
Thanks and your welcome :)
Great simple addon, to make your forum a bit nicer. Thanks a lot for your nice addon, and for your support too.
Thank you for the review, it is well appreciated, :)
Good addon. I'm using it on my forum and I found it very useful. Many thanks Ozzy to give always your contribute to help the community. Really appreciated. I wish you all the best
Brilliant theme! Would of gladly paid $15 for this theme but instead got it for free! Thanks hirowatch
Thanks. If you want to thank me. PM me
Thank you @Wutime ... great addon, great support, great consideration, great job! Thanks Bunches! :)
Thanks @novice! And thanks for the good suggestion on an update.
If you are on the search for a truly professional theme and a world-class support, look no further! I have used ThemeHouse for years, and they have never let me down. Best investment for my forum.
Thank you so much for the kind review, Garamond! Also, our team is very thankful for your continued support of our products throughout the years.
If I could give less than one star I would. fahad ashraf reached out to me via dm here on Xenforo after I posted in a thread discussing this feature, and promised he could quickly make a block addon for $20 more than what he is currently selling it for here. I agreed. This was a mistake.

The addon he posted here broke my site. I patiently asked for fixes and changes and weeks went by -- nothing. I requested a refund from him, he refused. I requested a refund thru the payment service we used and I don't know what lies he told them but they also refused.

Do not buy this addon, it is buggy and he will not make the changes needed to make it functional. I suspect that this is because there is already a better functioning addon out there on the market currently. Do not trust fahad ashraf to be a programmer of integrity. He is predatory and will make promises he cannot keep.
Lovely addon to increase traffic and reward users for using it as well. It comes with extra handy customisation and overall easy to use. The developer is extremely active and quick with responses/fixes; which is a great plus on its own :)
Great theme - easily customizable via the UiX platform, and customer support is prompt and knowledgable.
Our team is glad to hear that you've had such a good experience with the Ui.X framework along with our support team! Let us know if we can help with anything else.
Had this installed for around 10 months, currently 38,314 rejections because of this amazing add-on!
That’s some pretty impressive numbers for under a year. Glad the addon has helped you out. Thanks for leaving a review.
I have been looking for the necessary functionality for a long time. This addon has solved all the tasks.
An excellent addon, all in one, everything works quickly and without complaints.
Отличный аддон, все в одном, все работает быстро и без нареканий.
Nothing fancy, but it doesn't need to be. It does exactly what it says it does... I'm surprised the functionality isn't already built in (it was in vBulletin 3.x). I did have to modify the colors for some of my custom templates, but that was easy to do.
Glad you like the addon and found it useful. Thanks for leaving a review.
Great little add-on. Clean & simple. Nice little way to show members they are a valued member of the community
Thanks for the feedback.
Amazing! Thank you so much. I was like... "meeeeh, it looks fake" but what a good job. We hope to see more tutorials ;D they are amazing.
As a photo intensive forum due to the nature of the topic we cover this addon is great, it has saved us a few times when photosharing sides have good offline and all our images are stored locally, recommended if you have long standing historical threads that you do not want to loose.
Our members upload a huge number of photos to the forum and this little addon comes in handy when photos are taken in different orientations and you can quicly fix them on the forum, nice little addon :)
Do not use google adsense but we have sponsors on the forum, and was looking for something simple to display sponsor banners, this is one great addon for that.