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Great addon, it includes many features, we really like it
Furthermore, technical support from DBtech is superb
One of essentials addon if you just think about private conversations on your forum. Great addon, many great possibilities to arrange settings per usergroups. Support is excellent, developer Xon is open to suggestions. All in all, if you need very good addon and great support, take this one, you will not regret.
Absolutely brilliant! This does everything you could think of and need! I would have gladly paid $5 for this! Thanks AnzahTools!
First class addon. I'm now able to disable the "URL" BBCode. The added "Table" code and also the other functions are fantastic too.
I wanted to use this addon (not for pokemon but for another type of collecting game) so I paid for the addon via the website.

Upon buying and installing this addon i found out that it is riddled with bugs that leaves this addon unusable.

For example, after you upload an image (lets say an image of a pokemon) and your users start collecting it, the image will all of a sudden stop displaying on the website and display an empty box. In order to fix it yourself you must add the image again which then causes people who have already collected this item to have a blank space where their item used to be.

I contacted the developer of this addon about this big bug along with other bugs that i had discovered. The developer of the addon replied and confirmed it was a bug. In my reply to his private message I asked how long it might take for the bug to be looked at. Since then he has avoided all PMs with me and is actively avoiding me as he is active everyday on his site but not responding to PMs. He didn't even reply to my polite request for a refund based on the fact that I see no light at the end of this tunnel.

For the reason that i paid $25 for an addon I cannot use, i am giving this a 2 star rating, but i will acknowledge that if this addon works flawlessly as described, i would change this to a 5 star rating. Your after sales customer satisfaction needs addressed.
Ronseal - does exactly what it says on the webpage.

Works perfectly. Simple implementation and user group controller. Works really well.

Thanks for taking the time to develop
Excellent work. The info you have provided this past week was very helpful. Keep up the good work Trueprime.
Thank you for your kind words. I also enjoyed working on your project as you are pleasant to work with! :)
Great work. Many nice and simple features like in the Version of XF1. I can totally prefer this add-on.
This addon is essential to my site, and allows me and my members to track progression of support threads.
I have never been so excited in my life to work on forums again and all the owners and members really love them as well. You did an incredible job! I'm new to xF from over 15 years of working on forums from vBulletin, phpBB, etc, I have never worked with such a glitch free theme and forum software combination. They are absolutely gorgeous and they have also created a huge increase of traffic for customers older sites by attracting old members back because of the new modern freshness! The speedof these new themes and forum combo is unmatched.

Your support system is outstanding as well! I wish we had this a long time ago!
Very great and extensive add-on with unbelievable many possibilities.
Also questions and problems are answered very fast and friendly. Very clear recommendation.
support is non-existent ! mal codé avec des erreurs à l'activation ! XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1366]: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x98\x8D \xF0...' for column 'title' at row 1 src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:212
This is an excellent resource - easy to use, easy to implement, for those of us who wanted to have a feature homepage. I was concerned that the version for XF 1.5 might be complicated, but the XF 2.0 version is simply point and click - it's that easy.
This is one of my favorite plug-ins of all time. 5-stars is not enough, really can't say enough great stuff about this gallery system. I even have purchased the official gallery system ... disabled it. This one is just better in every category except for giving the ability to post to the gallery and having the pics 1-click post into a forum post.
Very good work.
I use from the start on my forum this translate and i am very happy with his work.
thank you very much.
Teascu Dorin
Teascu Dorin
You're welcome!
it is a very good add-on, I advise all xenforo users ^^
Xenforo will have to put it natively I think about the next update xD
I really like it, this add-on let you take a quick look at expired upgrades from user edit page instead of going to expired user upgrades and search for the user. It must be core feature.
Nice. Thank you for a great yet simple add-on. It works exactly as advertised and I am very happy with it.
Great developer, and very helpful. I asked for help and he went out of his way and then some to help me. This resource was exactly what I needed. Thanks again, it works fantastic :)
Awesome man, thank you so much. I learn by helping others :)
Great developer and he works hard on all the products he makes. This is an amazing yet simplified version needed for any buy sell trade marketplace. Thank you for creating this amazing addon :)
You're welcome ! Thanks for funding the latest mode !