Group Membership Moderators

Group Membership Moderators 2.0.4a

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Updates duration
12 months
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This XenForo 2.0 / 2.1 addon will make it possible to assign 'Group Moderators' to your forum.
A group moderator is able to view / add / remove members from selected groups.
This permission can be assigned to existing moderators as well as regular members.

  • Give any member or moderator the 'Group Moderator' role for selected groups
  • You can assign multiple Group Moderators to a group
  • The group moderator can view / edit / remove members from a group
  • Administrators: Extra option in the admin panel, within the groups section
  • Group moderators: Extra menu item in account options
Example use case

Here is an example use case: You have a forum about mobile phones from different brands. One of those brands have a private node on your forum where they want to invite people to test new firmware and share experiences. With this addon, you can give the people behind that brand the right to add / remove members by them self to the private node without bothering the admin.


Assign a member the 'Group Moderator' role (multiple members possible):

Group moderator > Moderated groups view:

Group moderator > Adding a member to the group:

Group moderator > Remove member from the group:


This addon has been developed for one of my forums and has been tested on a standard XF 2.0 (2.0.12) and XF 2.1 (2.1.0) installation with default theme. Although we will try to help you with any problems, it comes 'as is' without any warranties. I will consider updates and future improvements if needed. Do let me know in this topic.
Mr. Jinx
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