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Group membership moderators 2.1.6

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
Standard Library by Xon (
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This addon will make it possible to assign 'Group Moderators' to your forum.
A group moderator is able to view / add / remove members from selected groups.
This permission can be assigned to existing moderators as well as regular members.

  • Give any member or membergroup the 'Group Moderator' role for selected groups
  • You can assign multiple Group Moderators to a group
  • The group moderator can view / edit / remove members from a group
  • Actions are logged to the user and moderator log (see FAQ for instructions!)
Example use case

You have a gaming forum with some private area's. You do not want to add/remove users to these private forums yourself, instead you want to delegate this role to some key users or moderators. This add-on makes it possible to give those key users or moderators the permissions to view/add/remove users to the private section by managing the groups.

I previously used SMF as forum software where this was core functionality. Unfortunately XF does not have this functionality build-in.

  • English (default)
  • Dutch

Assign a member the 'Group Moderator' role (multiple members possible):

Group moderator > Moderated groups view:

Group moderator > Adding a member to the group:

Group moderator > Remove member from the group:

Moderator log:
Mr. Jinx
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Latest updates

  1. [2.1.6] Maintenance release

    This add-on now uses the Standard Library add-on from Xon. Make sure to install this as it is a...
  2. [2.1.5] Maintenance update

    Removed redundant files in archive (src/addons/SV/Utils/.git/*)
  3. Free for all

    This add-on can now be downloaded and used for free. No branding! Have fun ...

Latest reviews

Wonderful, exactly what I was looking for, and for free on top of it all!
Thank you so much @Mr. Jinx!
Fantastic addition that should probably be built into Xenforo. Allows me to let mods manage access to selective groups, to regulate private areas of our forum. (without having admin access, and creating a potential security problem)
This is an excellent addon that I strongly recommend to every forum. From easily accessible tailored ban/restrictive permission options for your mods to use on problem posters to user directed social groups, to easier testing & quality assurance; this addon simply makes life easier.

Seriously, download it and I strongly doubt you will have cause to regret the decision.
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Wow, thank you for this kind review. Much appreciated!