Group membership moderators

Group membership moderators 2.2.1

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One of the best add-ons for XF. The easy management of group memberships frees time from extra moderation duties and accessing the admin panel.
Perfect. We moved from SMF, so this feature was something that we were used to. Thank you very much for creating and sharing this awesome add-on! Keep up the good work!
Thanks! Really appreciate something like this, helped me alot. I think XF shoud have this feature built in.
We're moving from another forumsoftware to XenForo and we really needed something like this. Works perfectly!
Wonderful, exactly what I was looking for, and for free on top of it all!
Thank you so much @Mr. Jinx!
Fantastic addition that should probably be built into Xenforo. Allows me to let mods manage access to selective groups, to regulate private areas of our forum. (without having admin access, and creating a potential security problem)
This is an excellent addon that I strongly recommend to every forum. From easily accessible tailored ban/restrictive permission options for your mods to use on problem posters to user directed social groups, to easier testing & quality assurance; this addon simply makes life easier.

Seriously, download it and I strongly doubt you will have cause to regret the decision.
Wow, thank you for this kind review. Much appreciated!
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