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XenForo Cloud

Fully managed, hosted community solution

Bypass your IT department and have your community up and running in minutes with a XenForo Cloud subscription featuring the complete XenForo software suite.

Our range of plans can suit any requirements.

Allow our experts to manage server deployment, performance optimization, software installation, upgrades and maintenance while you focus your time and efforts on growing your community.

Alternatively, our self-hosted option allows you to host XenForo on your own web server.

XenForo Forums

The premium community system

Forums are the primary expression of our community platform. Building on decades of domain experience, XenForo forums represent the state of the art in user experience and engagement, customizability and extensibility, core features and third-party add-ons.

Define your own site structure, encourage customer engagement and facilitate the creation of rich content, which can be discussed, shared and rediscovered while staff keep a watchful eye and react with powerful tools when required, all while maintaining total control and complete ownership of all your data.

There is no better forum package upon which to build your community, which is why we see a steady stream of new forums starting up with XenForo, and established communities of all sizes making the switch and migrating to us from other platforms.

Media Gallery

A complete media manager for XenForo

Image showing the pre-sales questions area of the XenForo community forums

While the ability to upload files to attach to messages is built into the XenForo core, some communities benefit from the ability to manage media as its own content type.

The XenForo Media Gallery provides a central hub for users to upload, manage, organize, share and exhibit their media, including video.

Once uploaded, media can be tagged and assigned to albums and showcases, then made public or private to solicit discussion and commentary, making full use of the rich discussion features native to XenForo.

Resource Manager

Organize downloads, tutorials, and more

The XenForo Resource Manager allows your community to organize downloads, tutorials, guides, and more.

Resources focus more on the primary content, rather than the discussion around it. Users can review and rate the resources they've used, or watch the ones they're interested in and automatically be notified when the resource is updated.

Resources aren't totally separate from the forum though. A thread can automatically be created for each resource, creating a place to provide feedback, ask questions, and have discussions with the author.

Enhanced Search

Better results, faster searches

XenForo Enhanced Search improves your community's search experience by ensuring that all of your content is searchable, quickly and accurately.

Search results can be tuned so that more recent documents are considered more relevant. Multiple forms of a word can all be matched at the same time, to give your users more consistent results. Even if you have millions of posts, searches will be fast.

XenForo Enhanced Search requires Elasticsearch 2.0 or newer.


A helping hand, available when you need it

Nothing always goes 100% to plan, it's a fact of life. But if you find yourself at a loss and need some guidance or advice on how your community works, our team of experts is ready and able to field your queries with a fast, friendly and effective service included with your XenForo license.


A little help getting up and running

The initial installation of self-hosted XenForo onto your own web server is as simple as it can be, but if you lack the time or the expertise to do it yourself, our staff will be happy to do it for you.


Have your installation updated to the latest version

If you need assistance to get your self-hosted forum upgraded to the latest version of XenForo, give us a shout and our team of experts will perform the upgrade and make sure everything is up and running for you.


Move your existing data to XenForo

If you already run a forum using a product other than ours, moving to XenForo need not necessarily mean starting again from scratch.

We offer a number of migration pathways that will allow you to import your users and content into XenForo with minimal disruption, including HTTP 301 redirects so that search engine indeces remain intact and update transparently.

Community support

Community is what we do, after all

Image showing the pre-sales questions area of the XenForo community forums

Our own community is one of our greatest assets. XenForo has always benefited from a rich and varied group of customers who are happy to share their experiences and help each other out.

Our forums host various Q&A areas, our bug tracker, support for our add-on products, an area to download third-party add-ons and styles and a wealth of other content.

Add-ons library

Image showing the resources manager at

Thousands of pre-built add-ons and extensions for XenForo are already available.

From the beginning, XenForo has been positioned as a framework upon which developers can build their own applications, and they have done so!

From simple functionality tweaks to complete applications and integrations, there's a lot to explore.

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