Content moderation

Tools and strategies to keep it in check.

In-place editing

When content needs to be edited, your staff can do so with the live content, without having to open a separate editing page.

Inline moderation

Wherever user-generated content is displayed, including in search results, it is accompanied by an inline moderation selector for staff with moderation privileges.

Staff can select multiple items across multiple page views, building a collection of items to which they want to apply an operation.

Moderation actions

Image showing one of XenForo's moderation actions for threads

Once content items have been identified and selected, actions such as moving, merging, deleting and pinning can be applied to them in bulk, all without leaving the page on which the most recent content selection was made.

Approval queueing

Image showing a moderator entering the approval queue interface

In some instances, your forum may benefit from a staff approval step prior to allowing UGC to be published.

The moderation queue serves as a central hub for all content awaiting approval, so your staff can review and approve content without having to hunt down items in disparate locations.

Bulk management tools are also available within the approval queue.

Customer-driven moderation

Image showing a reported item having been resolved

Often, your customers will highlight offensive or questionable content using our reporting facilities, bringing those items to the attention of your staff in the reports manager.

Once reported, your staff can decide how to manage each item without leaving the reported content user interface, before moving on to the next item.

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