Content enhancement

Forums have come a long way from the simple ability to post text.

Emoji and smilies

Users can make full use of emoji in their messages, even on devices that don't fully support them, and community-specific emoticons can be added through our custom smilie system.


Users can tag other members in their messages using a well-known syntax, which will notify the tagged member so they can quickly give the message their attention.

Link unfurling

Image showing a video embedded in a XenForo message

When visitors post URLs, they are automatically unfurled to give a preview of the linked content.

Media embedding

Image showing a video embedded in a XenForo message

When users post links to content on popular media sites, the media itself will be automatically embedded right in the message - no need to go and fetch some clunky embed-HTML from the source.

Better still, you can define your own media site handlers if we don't offer your platform of choice out of the box.


Text-based content can be formatted using either Markdown or BB code, with the ability to define custom BB code tags for your own community's needs, while a full-fledged WYSIWYG editor makes formatting a breeze.

Syntax highlighting

Image showing HTML code snipped that has been syntax-highlighted

Technical communities can benefit from code snippets being automatically beautified according to the specified language of the posted code.


Users may attach images, videos, documents and other files to their messages with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Embedded images can be aligned, resized and reflowed at will.

Community administrators can control the permitted file types, file sizes, image dimensions and other parameters users may upload.

Official add-ons

Extend the content capabilities of your community with official add-on products from XenForo.

Media Gallery

Extend your customers' media sharing abilities with XenForo Media Gallery, allowing users to curate their own albums and upload videos, giving your community a true media hub.

Resource Manager

The XenForo Resource Manager allows your community to organize downloads, tutorials, guides, and more.