1. Kruzya

    User merge updates "Last username change"

    If administrator merge user X with Y, then Y after merge has "Last username change" value is "A moment ago".
  2. XDinc

    [XTR] Custom User Field Icon 1.0.0

    As you know, We use custom user fields to provide additional information about users. Now, with this add-on, custom fields can look more attractive and beautiful to users. User Custom Field ACP Options General Options Style Options Result
  3. XDinc

    [XTR] User Group Avatar Frame 1.0.1

    This add-on allows you to add a avatar frame by selected user group frame color. XenForo 2.2.x Compatibility Requires PHP 7.2+ Supports only XF 2.2.2+ Note: Please do not install the add-on, if you are using lower than XF 2.2.2 This version only support to XF 2.2.2+. ACP > User groups...
  4. XDinc

    [XTR] Unlimited User Group Banners 1.0.0

    [XTR] Unlimited User Group Banners This add-on allows you to create unlimited banner style and you may select to them easily per each user group. Features Adding unlimited banner. Define to easily per user group. Banner style effects. Enable or disable banner system. ACP Options When...
  5. Taminoful

    As designed User Cannot See Thread In Forum List Which Is Awaiting Approval After "Hourly Clean up" Ran

    Today I have noticed that when a forum has the option "Moderate new threads posted in this forum" enabled, and a user creates a new thread, that these threads disappear from their forum view for the user after each time the "Hourly Clean up" cron job task ran. This causes much confusion with the...
  6. A

    XF 2.1 User upgrade option not working

    Hi, I have created a premium plan in my forum and here are the settings. I am assigning them in Premium Member group when they make the payment. The problem is - they are not able to see the premium nodes. Every time I have to manually add them in Premium Member user group. Am I missing...
  7. M

    XF 2.2 Back-End Script To Automate Restructuring Forum After Import

    Apologies if this is an easy answer, but I'm new to all of this and I'm wondering if it's possible to write a script that can be run on the server in order to restructure the forum after an import has been finished? We're importing from VB4 to XF2 and we'd like to do the following after the...
  8. XFA

    [XFA] Default editor format - XF2 2.0.1

    Description Have you ever wanted to have a default set when you make your post to avoid changing each time the font and formatting options ? This add-on solves this by providing you with configuration options in the usercp to set wether you want your text to be in bold, italic and/or underlined...
  9. I

    [MMO] Disable User State 2.1.0

    Adds the ability to disable your account.
  10. K

    [MMO] Impersonate User 2.1.3

    You can upgrade from this add-on When updating a resource, all necessary and old add-on data is transferred to your forum. This add-on gives privileged users the ability to login as any other user on the forum (as long as they're not...
  11. prisnilos

    User Message Background

    Add to extra.less .msgBgByName (@msgBgAuthorName; @msgBgUrl; @msgBgSize; @msgBgPosition: false) { .message[data-author="@{msgBgAuthorName}"] .message-inner { background-image: linear-gradient(to top, @xf-contentBg, fade(@xf-contentBg, 60%)), url(@msgBgUrl); background-position...
  12. XDinc

    [XTR] Hide Members Signatures 1.0.5

    This add-on allows you to hide user signatures via Hide members signatures option at account preferences. This option is intended to be directly manage the visible members signatures. Before After
  13. K

    [MMO] User Ban Info 2.1.3

    Displays information about blocking a user in his profile. A blocked user is removed all privacy settings, all registered users and guests can see his profile, regardless of what privacy settings were set for the blocked user. By default, only the forum administration or users who have the right...
  14. 021

    [BS] Robot user group 1.0.1

    .features: Setting a user group for search robots Sitemap generation based on search bot permissions
  15. Kruzya

    Duplicate Post reaction alert contains unexpected "attribute"

    I reproduced this bug here, on When any user reacts your post, XenForo forms "incorrect" HTML code. From XF\Entity\UserAlert::render() you get HTML like this: <a href="/index.php?members/2/" class="username " dir="auto" data-user-id="2" data-xf-init="member-tooltip">member</a>...
  16. S

    XF 2.1 Inactive Users / Deny Access e.g. Pictures

    Hi, maybe someone can give me a hint. We are looking for a Way that if a user has not posted for X Days he won` t be able to see some Nodes or Threads. As soon as he posts something the "timer" should restart We wounder if we could realize this with XF Core Functions or would need a AddOn (...
  17. Kruzya

    Change activity text when user viewing own warning

    If user viewing own warning issued by moderator, XF displays in activity text "Performing moderation duties". This can embarrassment administrators or moderators (unknown user "Performing moderation duties"? what? i made mistake when setting permissions?) when they just checks what users doing...
  18. Mian Shahid

    Unmaintained [ITD] Add All Posts & Threads by User in Member Card II 2.1.4

    This Add-on will add "Find all posts" and "Find all started threads" of a member, in Member's Menu Card. Before: After: Instructions: Download the attachment. Log in to your BU and go to addon page. Select Install/upgrade from archive.. That's all :) Sending a donation: If you like...
  19. 021

    [BS] Private user banner 2.1.0a

    .features: Unlimited number of banners per user Styling for each banner Banner display order Admin permission to manage user banners
  20. Masetrix

    Unmaintained Prohibit reactions in certain forums and/or for specific user groups.

    Prohibit reactions in certain forums and/or for specific user groups. Edit Template: post_macros Find near Line: 138 -> <xf:contentcheck> after <xf:contentcheck> and before <xf:react content="{$post}" link="posts/react" list="< .js-post | .js-reactionsList" /> insert...