1. nanocode

    Unmaintained [n] User Profile Progress 1.0.5

    This add-on allows you to set tasks for your users to complete to get closer to completing their profile. This encourages them to fill in their profile and do various tasks, promoting more activity on your forum. Reward users for participating. Features: Make tasks based on user and user field...
  2. nanocode

    Unmaintained [n] Username Change 1.1.2

    This add-on gives your users the option to change their username. The administrator has multiple options to control what usergroups can change their username and how. Features: Allow your users to change their username Allows the administrator to set a cooldown period after changing a username...
  3. XFA

    [XFA] RM Marketplace 3.9.6

    Description RM Makertplace allows you and/or your users to sell resources from the resource manager, like in a marketplace ! Supports three types of products : Digital products (license based): with or without license renewal with or without licence restrictions with or without url required...
  4. electrogypsy

    XF 1.4 i have a user in moderation i can't remove?

    not sure how it happened, but one of the spam accounts that got created on my forum can't be deleted. it's in the moderated users list, but when i tick the reject radio button and click process users i get a 'The requested user could not be found.' error. it's just this one particular user, all...
  5. Amaury

    As designed User Mention Link in Emails Has an Underline

    Thanks to @Liam W for helping me test. I saw it yesterday, too, but just wanted to make sure it wasn't a hiccup in my email client. Anyway, no other links have an underline, just the user mention.
  6. S

    XF 1.4 There is to remove such a query to all users from the user group?

    Is there such a query?
  7. X

    Unmaintained User Mentions Improvements by Xon 1.7.0

    Improvements to XenForo's user mentions system. This addon was a private addon 2 weeks before public release. This addon is not designed to deal with large group memberships. This feature may be added in the future. Features: Taggable user groups. Customizable icon per group (small + large)...
  8. Stuart Wright

    Paid user upgrades. Are they legal?

    Hello folks, our sales agency charge £250+VAT per month for a Commercial Social Account. We're UK based and all our customers thus far are also UK based. A Commercial Social Account is a normal account with a secondary usergroup added which shows an AVForums Sponsor ribbon and it entitles users...
  9. nanocode

    Unmaintained [n] Best Answer / Q&A System 1.1.2

    This add-on adds the functionality to make a Q&A/support/best answer system on your forum. This is best suited for forums that give support or is a question/answer forum. Features: Let the community vote for a post as best answer Display a mini display at the top of a thread with a short...
  10. Sheldon

    User/Alert/Inbox Replacement

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: User/Alert/Inbox Replacement - Shorten the Visitor NabTab Read more about this resource...
  11. Sheldon


    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Favorites - Your members certainly have one.... Read more about this resource...
  12. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] User Criteria 1.0.15

    This add-on adds the following additional criteria to the add/edit screen in the Admin Control Panel for user group promotions, notices, trophies, Privacy Groups by Waindigo and any other add-on/feature that allows selection of user criteria: current date or time (added to User Group Promotions...