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Stuart Wright
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Dec 3, 2016 at 8:27 AM
Jul 29, 2010
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Birmingham, UK
Company Director

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Stuart Wright

Well-Known Member, Male, from Birmingham, UK

The work to improve AVForums never stops Oct 21, 2014

Stuart Wright was last seen:
Dec 3, 2016 at 8:27 AM
    1. THM
      Hi Stuart,

      If you are doing your own classifieds addon, I am very interested.
      I cannot subject my users to the hit or miss functionality of that other one.
      Please let me know.

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      2. Stuart Wright
        Stuart Wright
        Daniel and I started developing a classifieds system which would have many features to satisfy potential purchasers. When good for zero 'resumed' his classifieds addon and to my astonishment, people showed an interest, I decided to continue development privately, creating only the functionality we need on AVForums. That's why the addon will not be available elsewhere.
        Oct 28, 2016
      3. Dakota Storm
        Dakota Storm
        Being able to reply to comments on profile posts would be nice.

        @Stuart Wright just because there is a competitor means nothing with your track record and guaranteed support, you'd take the market easily.
        Oct 31, 2016
        THM likes this.
      4. THM
        I understand Stuart's position. I commented way back when it was crowd funded and had my bum handed to me by his loyalists. He still has people shilling for him, telling me to jag off when I complain about the server errors his updates cause. PT Barnum was right- there is one born every minute.
        Oct 31, 2016
    2. drastic
      Hey, who designed your homepage at AVF and is it powered by XF? Trying to get something similar for a viral content site.
      1. THM likes this.
    3. Anthony Parsons
      Anthony Parsons
      Stuart, interested in your add-on for Sendy > XF integration. I would love to get XF & Sendy talking amongst themselves to add / remove directly from emails, whether unchecking admin emails in XF or unsubscribing from the email itself, either option removes them. Not sure what you're doing with it exactly... but I'm interested.
      1. Stuart Wright
        Stuart Wright
        It's still work-in-progress with testing needed. I have trouble using Sendy on our server. I have to log in every couple of page loads. This is slowing things down.
        Dec 1, 2014
    4. Stuart Wright
      Stuart Wright
      The work to improve AVForums never stops
      1. Enguerran A
        Enguerran A
        There is no end to that kind of job :)
        Oct 21, 2014
    5. Liam W
      Liam W
      You got a custom user title...
    6. iTuN3r
      Just wondering if there will be any new features for Competition add-on in future like able to see list of members who entered the contest/ able to remove them if the rules are not followed .

    7. Stuart Wright
      Stuart Wright
      Looking for a styler to improve our narrowest responsive design
    8. Daniel Hood
      Daniel Hood
      Think it might be time for a status update seeing as you've already launched, weeks ago lol.
    9. Matthew Hawley
      Matthew Hawley
      Like your avatar. :) Funky... :p
      1. Stuart Wright
        Stuart Wright
        Do you know where it's from, Matthew?
        Jan 19, 2014
      2. Matthew Hawley
        Jan 19, 2014
      3. Stuart Wright
    10. Adam Howard
      Adam Howard
      Happy Christmas & Seasons Greetings, Stuart Wright
      1. Stuart Wright likes this.
    11. Stuart Wright
      Stuart Wright
      Hopefully a couple of weeks, but longer if the editorial isn't ready.
      1. HenrikHansen and Mike Creuzer like this.
    12. HenrikHansen
      Hi Stuart. How far are we from seeing AVforums running Xenforo?
    13. Rob
      Nice to see you posting here Stuart :)

      Incidentally, the developer you recommended to me, Waindigo, is really rather brilliant and FAST! I would definitely recommend getting him involved in your conversion whenever that may be :)
    14. Stuart Wright
      Stuart Wright
      Wishing i lived in a country with half decent weather
    15. Stuart Wright
      Stuart Wright
      Annoyed that I had to go to bed and so am not user number 4 !!!!
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