Resources by Stuart Wright

Contact Us Essentials Stuart Wright
Contact Us Essentials 2.0.5 £20.00
Supercharge your Contact Us link with essential extra functionality
Tag Essentials - with AI auto tagging and XFRM support Stuart Wright
Adds key features to manage and control the use of tags for better content discovery
Trophy Essentials Stuart Wright
Trophy Essentials 1.0.5 £30.00
Hugely improve trophies by awarding them for ongoing user activity
Conversation Monitor Stuart Wright
Conversation Monitor 2.2.2 £20.00
Monitor keywords in conversations. Get alerts. Catch spammers/scammers.
Competitions Stuart Wright
Competitions 2.1.2 £50.00
Attract new members, reward active members and engage sponsors with competitions
Moderator Checkpoint System Stuart Wright
Track which posts have been checked by your moderators to save duplication of work
Trending Content [Unsupported] Stuart Wright
Trending Content [Unsupported] 3.0.0 Beta 5 £20.00
Shows your visitors the trending threads, posts, XFMG media & Resources on your site.
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