Moderator Checkpoint System

Moderator Checkpoint System 3.1.4

No permission to buy (£40.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Each license is valid for use on one site.
Updates duration
12 Months
Visible branding
I am vetting who I sell licenses to, so if you wish to purchase a license, please click the purchase link and then send me a message as per the instructions in the product description. Thank you :)

This addon has been working to save moderators time on since 2013.
Note: Taken official ownership of this addon from Chris D on 3rd April 2019.
  • Saves duplication of work by multiple moderators by showing which posts have been checked
  • Records when moderators have checked posts
  • Saves the checking moderator name and timestamp
  • Checked and unchecked posts are shown in different colours for easy identification
  • Completely checked threads and threads with unchecked posts are shown in different colours for easy identification
Please refer to the XF1 version description for details.

I will update the description with new screen captures of the XF2 version when I get time.
The functionality is the same.

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Latest updates

  1. Bug fixes

    Fixed issues relating to thread types and also merging threads
  2. 2.2 bug fix

    Fixed an issue with failing template modifications that were breaking active checking functionality
  3. Compatibility update for 2.2

    A major update fixing all known bugs for compatibility with Xenforo 2.2. Being used on...

Latest reviews

DO NOT BUY. I do not recommend this addon. I have used this since its first inception, and now... its pretty useless, has lots of errors, causes more issues than its worth and is not updated outside of the authors website, in essence. So if you experience issues, basically, they don't care about it if they do not get the error on their website.
Stuart Wright
Stuart Wright
You must have missed the post I made to let people know that an update is being worked on