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  1. 2.2
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Runs competitions on Xenforo to engage and reward your community. Multiple choice format and the winners are picked automatically. Filterable competition categories. Widget included. Download the winners as a spreadsheet.

This addon feature rich and solid, having been used on AVForums for years to run many concurrent competitions on a large forum.

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The basics include
  • Tabs to organise competition editing
  • Standard editor for competition details
  • New in 2.1: Competition categories with user filter
  • Set the open and close dates. Winners are picked automatically when the competitions close
  • Set the number of winners and runners up
  • Set the question with multiple choice answer
  • Image upload with edit tool and optional Alt/Title text, caption and link URL

Competition restrictions and conditions include
  • Set usergroup permission to view, enter, create, open and publish competitions (e.g. make some competitions open only to more active members)
  • Set user criteria to Enter competition (e.g. minimum messages/trophy points)
  • Set user criteria to Win competition (e.g. new members can enter but they need to have a minimum of n messages before they can win)
  • Optional age restriction to enter based on member’s DOB
  • Optional country restriction to enter based on member’s IP (new in 2.1: has EU option and uses Cloudflare if possible)
  • Optional opt in/opt out tick boxes with a marketing message to create a marketing list for the competition sponsor
Options include
  • Optional additional text entry field (to comply with legal requirements of some countries when running competitions).
  • Prioritise a competition in the widget (for when there are more competitions running than the maximum displayed in the widget)
  • Optional forum specified for the creation of an associated discussion thread
  • Optional user name for discussion thread starter (defaults to competition creator)
  • Enter customised terms and conditions (linked to from all competitions)
Via the competition archive page at /competitions/archive/ you can view all of the competitions including
  • start & end dates
  • status (open/closed)
  • # of views
  • # of entries (with a link to a paginated list of all entries)
  • % correct entries
  • # of winners + a link to a winners list + downloadable CSV
  • # of mailing list opt-ins + a downloadable CSV including the entry date time for GDPR
and additionally there is a text filter on the archive to quickly find competitions

The cron
  • Opens published competitions on the start date
  • Closes open + published competitions on the end date
  • After closing a competition, the winners are picked at random plus the competition author is alerted of the end of the competition
As you know, Xenforo 2 addons have had to be coded from scratch, so Competitions for Xenforo 2 requires a new license to recoup the development cost.
The unbranded Xenforo 1 version was £50 + VAT.
This Xenforo 2 version comes unbranded and is also £50 + VAT.

Terms And Conditions
  • Each license is valid for use on one Xenforo installation on one specified domain.
  • Transfer to a different domain to that specified at the time of purchase is prohibited.
  • This product will continue to be developed for the foreseeable future.
  • There is no customer support on this product.
  • 12 months license renewals are in place; when your license runs out you can continue to use the add on but will not be able to receive updates until you renew it.
If you wish to purchase or renew a license for this product, please register and then send a message to Stuart Wright to request access to purchase. Please include the URL of the forum you wish to use the product on.
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