Competitions 2.0.12

No permission to buy (£50.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
Each license is valid for use on one site.
Updates duration
12 Months
Visible branding
I am vetting who I sell licenses to, so if you wish to purchase a license, please click the purchase link and then send me a message as per the instructions in the product description. Thank you :)

The basics include
  • Rich text editor for competition details
  • Set the date the competition runs from and to
  • Set the number of winners and runners up
  • Set the question with multiple choice answer
  • Image upload with edit tool and optional Alt/Title text, caption and link URL
Competition restrictions and conditions include
  • Set usergroup permission to view, enter, create, open and publish competitions (e.g. make some competitions open only to more active members)
  • Set user criteria to Enter competition (e.g. minimum messages/trophy points)
  • Set user criteria to Win competition (e.g. new members can enter but they need to have a minimum of n messages before they can win)
  • Optional age restriction to enter based on member’s DOB
  • Optional country restriction to enter based on member’s IP
  • Optional opt in/opt out tick boxes with a marketing message to create a marketing list for the competition sponsor
Options include
  • Optional additional text entry field (to comply with legal requirements of some countries when running competitions).
  • Prioritise a competition in the widget (for when there are more competitions running than the maximum displayed in the widget)
  • Optional forum specified for the creation of an associated discussion thread
  • Optional user name for discussion thread starter (defaults to competition creator)
  • Enter customised terms and conditions (linked to from all competitions)
  • Ability to automatically add the 'Competition' thread type setting to forums when a competition thread is first created in that forum (default=on). If this is disabled, attempting to create a competition with the thread in a non-competition-type supporting forum will throw an error.
The cron
  • Opens published competitions on the start date
  • Closes open + published competitions on the end date
  • After closing a competition, the winners are picked at random plus the competition author is alerted of the end of the competition
As you know, Xenforo 2 addons have had to be coded from scratch, so Competitions for Xenforo 2 requires a new license to recoup the development cost.
The unbranded Xenforo 1 version was £50 + VAT.
This Xenforo 2 version comes unbranded and is also £50 + VAT.
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