1. Joao Prates

    XF 2.2 How to allow moderators to edit user's secondary group

    Hi, We have several custom secondary groups created, and in the past it was admin's job to assign the correct user group to each user in due time. We'd like to allow moderator staff members to be able to do this as well. They can choose EDIT on the user profile, but the information in that...
  2. Mendalla

    How many moderators?

    How many moderators do you think are needed for a community of a given size? Is there a rule of thumb about mods/capita (e.g. one mod per twenty users) or something? My board is quite small membership-wise, basically 30ish active members plus some lurkers who un-lurk from time to time. When we...
  3. Stuart Wright

    Moderator Checkpoint System 3.1.5

    This addon allows moderators to mark posts as checked and saves duplication of work by multiple moderators by showing which posts have been checked. It saves time by removing duplication of work and has been working for the 40+ moderators on since 2013. Note: I designed this addon...
  4. Mr. Jinx

    Group membership moderators

    Mr. Jinx submitted a new resource: Group Membership Moderators - Add group membership moderators to your forum Read more about this resource...
  5. M

    XF 2.0 Import from vb 3.8 moderator roles not applied

    I must say, the first test import from a fairly large established Vbull 3.8 forum to Xenforo 2 was absolutely first class. Very easy and a thorough import. Everything went well, all major aspects seem to be working correctly. The only thing Ive noticed is that our moderators and admins have...
  6. Sim

    Fixed Moderators can access user email addresses via spam cleaner (GDPR legal issue)

    I know this is as original designed - moderators have always been able to access user email addresses via the spam cleaner, but in a post-GDPR world, I'm not sure this is the best policy anymore. While this is kind of a suggestion, I do feel that this is serious enough to warrant a "bug report"...
  7. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to display Super Moderators?

    I've assigned the users who are moderators. Upon assigning them as Super Moderators, it just shows Moderator in the Account Details or the Profile. How to display it as a Super Moderator?
  8. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Show Forum / Category Moderators 2.0.4 Patch Level 1

    This add-on allows you to see forum category moderators in each forum / category. New in 2.0.1 Now show moderators in categories Add widget to show moderators Limit the widget for some nodes
  9. beanfan78

    Moderation Queue Notes or Some Improvements?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask other forum admins how they deal with the moderation queue. I had let my moderators handle it, but we were creating more work for each other. I had unapproved a few items (Showcase addon) because those were taking time off and hiding them was the best option. So I...
  10. McKel

    Who has viewed a thread

    Apologies if this is on the wrong board. I've searched and searched but have not found a mod that allows mods to see who has read a thread. There was one on vB that was perfect, based on group permissions. Is there something like that for XF? I see there are a couple similar mods offered...
  11. Daniel Hood

    Moderation Macros [Paid]

    Daniel Hood submitted a new resource: Moderation Macros - Improve moderator efficiently by providing single buttons for popular combos of actions Read more about this resource...
  12. X

    Unmaintained Moderation Macros 1.2.0

    This add-on allows your moderators (ones that you grant permission at least) to create quicker methods of taking popular groups of actions. They can take all of the following actions, with any combination of actions. Lock the thread Change the thread's sticky state to either sticky or not...
  13. CTXMedia

    XF 1.5 I've made my moderators administrators but they cannot see ACP > Applications > Thread Reply Bans

    All of my moderators are also administrators with access to limited parts of the ACP. An issue we've discovered is that they cannot see the list of thread-banned members in: Applications > Thread Reply Bans (I can - they can't) Which of these options allows them to see Thread Reply Bans in the...
  14. N

    XF 1.4 Moderation Permissions

    Recently arranged my forum layout under some new categories, and all moderator permissions have gone for a toss! Can i simply set moderators for the newly created categories and all sub-forums under those categories have the same moderators with same powers? How do i do it? Or do i have to...
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