Moderation Queue Notes or Some Improvements?


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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask other forum admins how they deal with the moderation queue. I had let my moderators handle it, but we were creating more work for each other. I had unapproved a few items (Showcase addon) because those were taking time off and hiding them was the best option. So I promoted some members and their instinct was to moderate.

I went back and forth with them for 20 minutes and made a post explaining why I didn't want such and such approved. It was a PITA and it continued on with other posts over the next few days. The xF core gives us so little options that I am frustrated looking for a tool to help. I just want to put notes on each thing so someone can say "this is unapproved for this reason". I just want notes.

Is there an addon? How do you do it? I have been searching for an answer, but for now I took the permissions away from the moderators. We have to be able to work together and the queue doesn't give us that at the moment. TIA!


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I use a dedicated forum for moderators/admins. If I have a thread I do not want approved I just post the reason in that forum. IMO, moderators should be checking that forum for new messages whenever they log in to the site, and before they do anything related to their duties.


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Thanks for answering this! I honestly didn't think I would get a reply. We have a forum for discussion as well. I have been considering buying the social groups addon and making a group for mods. Maybe that would be more enticing to them to be more involved. The other option of course is just to find better mods. It's still a small board with 5300 members so I don't want to make those kinds of decisions yet.