XF 1.5 I've made my moderators administrators but they cannot see ACP > Applications > Thread Reply Bans


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All of my moderators are also administrators with access to limited parts of the ACP.

An issue we've discovered is that they cannot see the list of thread-banned members in: Applications > Thread Reply Bans (I can - they can't)

Which of these options allows them to see Thread Reply Bans in the ACP?



Note: They already have Manage Bans so it doesn't appear to be that one?!!
This is part of "manage threads and posts".

Thanks Mike - what additional ACP menu options does that open up for them?

I need them to access some admin things, from a practical point of view (working full-time I'm not always able to do stuff), but I want to limit it as much as possible to avoid any accidents. :)
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