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XF 1.5 I've made my moderators administrators but they cannot see ACP > Applications > Thread Reply Bans


Formerly CyclingTribe
All of my moderators are also administrators with access to limited parts of the ACP.

An issue we've discovered is that they cannot see the list of thread-banned members in: Applications > Thread Reply Bans (I can - they can't)

Which of these options allows them to see Thread Reply Bans in the ACP?



Note: They already have Manage Bans so it doesn't appear to be that one?!!


Formerly CyclingTribe
This is part of "manage threads and posts".
Thanks Mike - what additional ACP menu options does that open up for them?

I need them to access some admin things, from a practical point of view (working full-time I'm not always able to do stuff), but I want to limit it as much as possible to avoid any accidents. :)