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  1. Paradoxer

    XF 1.5 PHP Version 7.3 causing server errors, cannot log in to admin panel

    I am currently running Xenforo on what I believe is version 1.5.1. If I select PHP Version 7.3, it returns that there are server errors, and the forum is inaccessible. When a version below 7.3 is selected, things start to work properly again. Is this a known incompatibility? A separate issue is...
  2. SneakyDave

    Fixed Admin search indexing not as complete as XF 1.x?

    I noticed on at least one search term, "SMTP", I can find results in the admin search results on XF1.x, but can't find any results searching for that phrase on XF 2.x. I often use this phrase specifically when trying to find what option I need to change for SMTP email sending.
  3. com

    As designed 'Proceed' vs 'Proceed...'

    Admin Control Panel - Forums - Nodes - Add node Admin Control Panel - Communication - Contact users - Alert uers (and other places) Idle button text "Proceed..." (with ellipsis) confuses me. Looks like process is already running, but it is not. "..." makes it look like button was activated...

    XF 1.4 Administrator Pasword no longer works

    I am trying to log on to the Administrator section of our forum and the assigned password is no longer working. Nobody on our side has changed the password and the e-mail reset is not working as we are not receiving e-mail to reset it.
  5. SnipeDragon

    Unmaintained Rich Admin Group Names 20160814

    This simple addon adds rich username groups to a couple of locations that usergroups are displayed around the Admin CP. Currently, rich usergroup names are added in the following locations: List User Groups Edit User Group Please feel free to suggest other places within the Admin CP that...
  6. T

    Not a bug White Screen on Admin Control Panel

    I have completed the installation. The board works well. Until I go to the control panel. I only get white screen. I just installed the forums. Could you help me.
  7. jauburn

    Lack of interest New user conversation for manually registered users (via admin CP)

    Occasionally I have the need to manually add a user (or users) from the back end via the Users -> +Create New User button. When I do this, however, the new welcome conversation configured on the User Registration screen does not get sent. I suggest that an option be placed on the User...
  8. CTXMedia

    XF 1.5 I've made my moderators administrators but they cannot see ACP > Applications > Thread Reply Bans

    All of my moderators are also administrators with access to limited parts of the ACP. An issue we've discovered is that they cannot see the list of thread-banned members in: Applications > Thread Reply Bans (I can - they can't) Which of these options allows them to see Thread Reply Bans in the...
  9. Fuhrmann

    Unmaintained Admin Search User IP 1.0.0

    This is a small add-on that allows you to search by IP address by using Admin Search. I know you can search by IP in Admin CP -> Users -> Search for Users -> Search by IP Address But with this is a little faster.. - upload the files to the root - Install the XML You can go to your Admin...