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Link Checker by AddonsLab AddonsLab
The definitive solution you need to monitor and fix broken links throughout the forums
Daily Statistics X
Extended Statistics for your forum
Alter Ego Detector X
Flush out the fakers!
Change Author AndyB
Allows changing the author of a post.
New options for sending HTML email to users.
[TAC] Total XF1 Anti-Spam Collection Complete wmtech
Stop every form of spam with this comprehensive anti-spam package
VigLink Brian Lovett
Unmaintained VigLink 2018-07-26
Easily Enable VigLink on your xenForo Forum
[DBTech] Product Manager DragonByte Tech
Manage your DragonByte products under one single AdminCP tab.
AJAX file manager for the Development section of your admin control panel
CodeMirror editor with toolbars for templates, template mods, notices, BB codes
Expiring User Upgrades X
Notify your members when their account upgrades are about to expire
Rebuild Likes AndyB
Likes updated to remove members that no longer exist.
Link Checker for Resource Manager by AddonsLab AddonsLab
Check links and batch process them in XenForo Resource Manager 1.x versions
[SolidMean] ForumBackup S
Schedule backups of your database and XenForo root directory
Adds User Criteria designed to help spot spam bots, and other misc tasks.
Attach Count Check AndyB
Checks for proper value in attach_count field in xf_post table.
Thread View Count AndyB
Shows number of thread views by visitor type.
Delete Posts AndyB
Delete all posts by username.
Delete Posts Guests AndyB
Allows deleting guest posts.
Delete Users AndyB
Delete users with zero posts and no activity over 365 days.
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