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Expiring User Upgrades 1.2.3

Notify your members when their account upgrades are about to expire

  1. Xon
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    php 5.4+
    Updates Duration:
    12 months ($10/yearly renewal)
    Visible Branding:
    Does not yet support paygates

    Update (2016 May 28th):

    @Xon has taken over this @Daniel Hood's add-on. This product is now available for purchase again. For more information read this thread.


    This add-on sends out an alert and/or email X days before a user upgrade is about to expire, with an optional second notification once the upgrade has expired.
    Purchased non-recurring upgrades also get a 'Extend Upgrade' button so members can renew their upgrades without interruption.
    Also, expired upgrades may be viewed as a list.

    Please note that this add-on adds one column to the xf_user_upgrade_active table in order to keep track of those who have been notified.
    It also adds one column to the xf_user_upgrade table in order to allow different Expiration Notification number of Days per User Upgrade.

    Feature List:
    • No branding copyright text. No need to pay extra for a “branding free” version of this add-on.
    • Send alert and/or email upon upgrade purchase.
    • Send alert and/or email X days before a user upgrade is about to expire. May also be applied to recurring upgrades (subscriptions).
      • This value is set via the User Upgrade creation/edit page and allows you to send out, for example, an expiration notification 3 days prior to a one month upgrade expiring, and 21 days prior to a one year upgrade expiring.
    • Send alert and/or email once upgrade has expired.
    • Optional "Extend Upgrade" button for non-recurring upgrades. This button is available on the user's purchased list to allow for early renewal thus preventing the downgrading and then re-upgrading of the user. No longer will your members need to wait for an upgrade to expire before they can re-purchase it.
      This button will only be available if the upgrade details have not changed since it was first purchased (such as cost, length, user groups, and whether recurring) as they must remain the same in case the payment is reversed and the end date has to be adjusted accordingly.
    • If an upgrade extension payment is reversed, the upgrade expiry date is adjusted accordingly.
    • Expired upgrades are displayed as a list that is searchable by user name (now default in XF 1.4).

    I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade or [#] Install and Upgrade to install this addon.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Sunka
    Version: 1.2.2
    Essential add-on, it should definitely be integrated in Xenforo as a core feature!
    The support of coder Xon in the thread is kind and fast. Thanks Xon for the nice work and support.
  2. JamesBrown
    Version: 1.0.6
    Exactly what we needed for our subscription forum. This really gives us the functionality that should already be in the core. The stock phrases are intelligently written and the support is excellent. Whats not to like. An easy 5 stars.
  3. Janmaat
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great add-on! Thanks for that :)
  4. kontrabass
    Version: 1.0.1
    Allowing users to renew early, rather than waiting until their upgrade expired, is essential! Until it's in the core product, get this add on. Ability to notify users upon upgrade purchase, expiration, etc is also a must. Well done and great documentation in the options for phrases.