Expiring User Upgrades

Unmaintained Expiring User Upgrades 1.3.8

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This is a great addon if you have paid members -- It reminds them to renew which is great and improves renewal rate!!
Ultimately useful addition to the User Upgrades functionality of XF core. It works great and gives the users much more needed feedback of their actions and at the same time makes it more convenient for them to extend their paid subscriptions. As with all Xon's add-ons – this should have been core functionality too.
Essential add-on, it should definitely be integrated in Xenforo as a core feature!
The support of coder Xon in the thread is kind and fast. Thanks Xon for the nice work and support.
Exactly what we needed for our subscription forum. This really gives us the functionality that should already be in the core. The stock phrases are intelligently written and the support is excellent. Whats not to like. An easy 5 stars.
Great add-on! Thanks for that :)
Allowing users to renew early, rather than waiting until their upgrade expired, is essential! Until it's in the core product, get this add on. Ability to notify users upon upgrade purchase, expiration, etc is also a must. Well done and great documentation in the options for phrases.
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