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s9e Media BBCodes pack JoshyPHP
★ Guaranteed to contain every media site you need. Or at least some of them maybe. ★
ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat ArrowSuites
Add FREE live chat and video to your XenForo site
Link Checker by AddonsLab AddonsLab
The definitive solution you need to monitor and fix broken links throughout the forums
Alert Improvements by Xon X
A collection of improvements to the XenForo Alerts system.
This is a little add-on that removes the ability for posters to post in color.
[bd] API xfrocks
Power up your XenForo installation.
[TAC] Bot Arrestor wmtech
[TAC] Bot Arrestor 2.0.12 $19.00
Protect your forum against scrapers and spam bots
[WMTech] Post Guard (basic) wmtech
Prevent users posting invalid posts & threads with regex post guards
[TAC] Any Spam API wmtech
Use any anti-spam API you want on your forum
[TAC] Auth Captcha wmtech
Stop bots registering via FaceBook/Google/Twitter authorization
[WMTech] Post Guard Pro wmtech
Prevent users posting invalid or disallowed content with Post Guards
[WMTech] Time Spent Online wmtech
Show the total time members have used your forum
[WMTech] Optional Forums wmtech
Users can show/hide forums that the admin sets as optional
[TAC] Stop Human Spam wmtech
[TAC] Stop Human Spam 1.4.8 $19.00
Set conditions on signature/links/homepage & stop post creation for banned words
[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot wmtech
[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot 3.0.32 $29.00
Stop bots registering using elegant methods that do not bother humans
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