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Demo showing how to get options from template to JavaScript
Global Template Variable H
How to create variables that can be accessed in all templates
A 0 query method to avoid upgrade errors when the addon version does not match the installed version
How to create your own helpers Fuhrmann
I'll teach you how to create your own helpers to use in templates.
Explains how to check the version of XenForo during an add-on install, and throw an error.
Jaxel's Method for Creating A Route Controller Jaxel
The "proper" way to construct complicated route controllers...
This will help you add the editor to your admincp
TinyMCE and MarkItUp Overlay popups (OUTDATED) cclaerhout
Tutorial for developers based on the TinyFix addon & the MarkItUp integrator
Extend the standard user criteria used in trophies, upgrades and notices/notifications
Shows how to exclude edition of templates even if they needed.
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