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Unmaintained How to add some plugins or custom buttons to Redactor 1.2


  1. Version 1.2 released

    Two things with this version 1.2:

    1. If you have used the JavaScript Patterns provided with this ressource inside your code, you must update one line to prevent errors with other addons:
      $textarea.data('options', $.extend(redactorOptions, myOptions));
      Replace with:
      $.extend(true, redactorOptions, myOptions);
      The Recursive mode of the jQuery extend function must be activated
    • If you want add...
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  2. Version 1.1 released

    Version 1.1 releasedAdd a new method to override buttons layout configuration thanks to @Despair.
    There would be a third method by groups, but I'm not fan. It is less flexible.