Dark styles [1.x]

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Snap Dark DohTheme
Unmaintained Snap Dark 1.5.24 $25.00
an Extension of the Thinking process
Darkness Sean James
Gaming XenForo Skin
BP-Brown Sean James
Brown XenForo Skin
Flexile Dark ThemeHouse
A FREE clean, modern, and flexible theme for almost any XenForo forum
Tactical ThemeHouse
Nuclear launch detected
Drift - Dark ThemeHouse
Control, On Nitrous
UI.X Dark ThemeHouse
The Ultimate Theme Framework.
Abyss ThemeHouse
Unmaintained Abyss
Dive In - Material Design Icons, Completely Customizable, Intricate & Beautiful Interface
Envision Dark Osman
Envision Dark $30.00
Very clean a skin with advanced features designed for the XenForo. Fully customizable with features
Blackend - PixelExit.com Steve F
Nice easy reading dark style.
Darkstyle xavimtz
Unmaintained Darkstyle Version 1.5.2
Nice easy reading dark style
Black Pink napy8gen
FREE style from sultantheme.com
Defiance DEZero
Dark Style for any forum.
Nadulas Gamer DEZero
Gaming Style for your forums.
Knight Rider PixelSins
A style based of the show Knight rider
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