UI.X Dark

UI.X Dark

No permission to buy ($99.95)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment
Our products for XenForo 1 will no longer be supported as of January 1, 2020. Currently, we do not intend on releasing any more updates for our XF1 products. With the exception of UI.X, license renewals for XF1 products are no longer available to purchase and many of the products will only be available for purchase through the XF1 Essential Suite without support.

UI.X is a feature-rich XenForo theme that is built around the idea that it can be thrown any scenario and handle it beautifully. If you want your visitors to have a fully responsive beautiful metro/flat user interface with features such as a sticky navigation, side by side nodes, social media icons, and much more, this is the skin for you!

Video Demonstration:

Feature list:

-- Collapsible nodes
-- Optional header slogan
-- Logo text, and logo icon from FontAwesome
-- Side by side nodes
-- Node table style
-- Social media page icons
-- Easy border radius, font size, typography, and element sizing
-- Make an open design with lots of padding or a condensed design with very little space between elements easily
-- Simplified color palette for intuitive design changes
-- Basic blocks, broken down to change the entire design in seconds
-- AD Styler, presets for your design customizeable by your users
-- Sticky navigation, navigation will stick to top of page while you browse
-- FontAwesome font library and Google Fonts integrated for easy customization
-- Switch sidebar side from right to left
-- Remove tab links and replace it with a dropdown menu
-- Login box open as a modal box instead of a slideout
-- Moderator Bar customization
-- ALL responsive and easy to manage

We offer this theme for XenForo 2. Click here to view it!

Thank you!

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Latest reviews

We recently switched from Theme House Material to UI.x Dark and we love this theme. I love how easy it is to customize. If I don't like one color on the forum I can just switch it over to a new theme using the easy UI.x color changer. This is worth the 25 a month subscription to get all Theme House Themes and Add ons. Love the quick support :) thanks theme house
This theme is absolutely superb. I use UI.X as the underlying framework for my own custom themes, and the one-click options are beyond helpful. And even though my custom themes take more than a few seconds (haha), It would take a lot longer without UI.X. Thanks ThemeHouse!
Outstanding to hear you are enjoying UI.X! Thank you so much for the kind words!
This is the best dark style available for Xenforo right now. The amount of options you're able to utilize to customize it is endless. It doesn't matter if every XF forum on the planet has this style, you'll still find a way to make it your own. After purchasing some decent looking styles that had many bugs and almost zero support, switching to UI.X has been a pleasant surprise. I would recommend this to ANYONE.
Thanks for your kind words, Shiro. :) I appreciate you taking the time, and hope you enjoy the product!
Excellent theme and excellent support. Tons of customization. Mike and his team have been helpful with solving problems.
Thank you very much for your review!! :) Im glad you like the product, thanks for taking the time to let us know.
UI.X Dark is a great theme that helps you save time for those who favor to opt for a darker look-and-feel. I highly recommend this theme for any community along with the original UI.X to allow all your members the freedom between both lighter/darker schemes.
We have have just finished a major overhaul of our site working directly with Audentio. UI.X is hands down the best style we have ever used and Audentio has been amazing to work with at all levels. Strongly recommended.
Fantastic theme! thanks a lot for putting in the hard work to create it.
Thank you very much!