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  • CTA Featured Threads & Portal
    CTA Featured Threads & Portal
    Feature and highlight specific threads and optionally use them as a portal / home page
    • Paul B
    • Updated:
  • Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc)
    Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc)
    Item/Review Fields, Ratings & Reviews, Comments, Image Gallery, Category Permissions and Much More!
    • Bob
    • Updated:
  • Chat by Siropu
    Chat by Siropu
    Mobile friendly chat with rooms, private conversations, archive, commands, user settings & more!
    • Siropu
    • Updated:
  • [Tinhte] XenTag
    Unmaintained [Tinhte] XenTag
    Advanced Content tagging for Xenforo (#hashtags, forum tags, page tags, auto linking, widgets,...)
    • agison
    • Updated:
  • Custom Tabs
    Custom Tabs
    Adding new tabs to the board navigation has never been this easy.
    • Siropu
    • Updated:
VaultWiki pegasus
VaultWiki 4.1.3 $15.00
Wiki for XenForo forums
[bd] API xfrocks
Power up your XenForo installation.
[TAC] Custom Image Captcha wmtech
Customise your own images for CAPTCHA
[TAC] Stop Country Spam wmtech
Blacklist or whitelist IP addresses of specific countries from registering
XenCentral Feedback System XCentral
XenCentral Feedback System 1.15.0 €49.99
XC Feedback System is a fully-featured feedback system for XenForo
Add support for Authorize.Net as a pay gate
Calendar Naz
Calendar 1.0.12 $60.00
Event management system for XenForo.
Tickets Naz
Tickets 1.6.10 $60.00
Full-fledged support system solution for XenForo.
XenCentral Multisite System XCentral
XenCentral Multisite System 1.11.0 €69.99
XC Multisite System allows to build fully customized communities on a single XenForo installation.
Ads Manager by Siropu Siropu
Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.9 €49.99
Light and powerful ads manager that allows you to manage & sell with ease 7 types of advertisements!
Optimize all attachments in your forum to save disk space.
[DBTech] DragonByte Shop DragonByte Tech
Members can buy permissions, features & more on your forum with points.
FAQ Manager by Iversia Iversia
Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledge Base management.
[DBTech] DragonByte Credits DragonByte Tech
Members can gain points for various things around the forum like posting.
[DBTech] DragonByte Mail DragonByte Tech
Create newsletter emails to your members.
[Nobita] Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) truonglv Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) for XenForo
[DBTech] DragonByte Optimise DragonByte Tech
Reduce query consumption of your forum.
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