[TAC] Stop Country Spam

[TAC] Stop Country Spam 3.1.5

No permission to buy ($19.00)
Product was taken over from Yugensoft.

NO new features or bug fixes.

No need to update your installation!
Updated default GeoIP only.
The default GeoIP service setting for this addon (freegeoip) has been shutdown.
Recommended replacement is (in options):
API url: https://api.ipdata.co/{$ip}
index: country_code
Changed transparent proxy header block defaults.
Pre-cache re-added after testing & improvements.
Rollback to v3.0.7, pending further development.
Changed to using curl for geoip request (which is a little faster).
[TAC has been acquired by Yugensoft]

Proofread and edited phrase lists.
Changed to uniform naming and version string format.
First pass code review and formatting cleanup.
Added bulk installer tool to the complete package.

Stop Country Spam specifically:
Set a default IP geolocation API route.
IP6 we're getting logged correctly for stopproxies - fixed