[TAC] Stop Country Spam

[TAC] Stop Country Spam 3.1.5

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
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Included in the [TAC] Total Anti-Spam Collection.

Stop Country Spam blocks countries you specify from accessing your forum. Spammers come disproportionately from certain countries. If your forum is local, blocking the countries where you are frequently receiving spammers from can help keep spam away.

Alternatively, you can use it to enforce a “local users only” membership policy.

When a user visits your forum from a certain country, if you have selected to black list that country, or if you have selected white listing and not selected that country as part of the white list, they will be taken to the "New registrations currently not being accepted" page (or a custom page). This prevents users from that country from registering, which can help reduce the amount of user spam.

This add-on uses multiple methods of detecting proxies:
  • Uses StopProxies API, to detect known Anonymous proxies.
  • Checking the user’s request header to detect Transparent proxies.
  • DNS look up.
Note: This add-on uses a free third party geolocation database service, to avoid you having to store a massive IP geolocation database on your server. No guarantee is provided that all the many currently free third party geolocation database services won't one day cease service. The geolocation database JSON request URL is set with a default, but is definable by you via the Admin Control Panel if you want to change to another service.

Can be used in combination with :
  • Fool Bot Honey Pot (to stop spam bots completely! using elegant methods that do not bother humans)
  • Any Api (Use any API you want, to prevent spam bots / spam humans from registering)
  • Stop Human Spam (Stops human creating links / sigs / banned content, it also check for "sneaky broken links")
  • Custom Image Captcha (also stops spam bots)
  • Bot Arrestor (to reduce the amount or resources spam bots use)
Set options in the administration control panel: ACP -> Home -> Options -> StopCountrySpam

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Latest updates

  1. v 3.1.5

    Product was taken over from Yugensoft. NO new features or bug fixes. No need to update your...
  2. v3.1.4

    Updated default GeoIP only.
  3. Notice on GeoIP change

    The default GeoIP service setting for this addon (freegeoip) has been shutdown. Recommended...

Latest reviews

It's blocking ALL registrations. I have only blacklisted one country but nobody in any country is able to register
This was due to this specific customer's settings and network setup, and not due to an add-on defect.
Specifically, related to proxies, which the add-on blocks by default, as part of the intended design.
Didn't work on 1.5 for me. No response from add-on author here or on their own forum. Had to raise dispute with PayPal to get a refund, which still didn't elicit a response from anyone. Appears to be unsupported therefore?
The product is now under new ownership, and this review was for a (very) old version of the product.
Excellent add-on. Helps a lot to keep spam down.
America!!! Fudge Yeah!!!
The best money spent to stop all this nonsense spambots hitting my server... even though KeyCapthca stops the registration issue, they are bombing my server with the forums running upon it.
this should already be part of the XF core
This add-on is simple and very effective , with one click you block a whole country IP ranges which saves much of your time
Easiest way to block countries in xenForo
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