1. kaloksi

    XF 2.0 Very high spam rates at forum

    Despite having setup to prevent spam in admin (version V2.0.9) we keep being bombarded specially from cuvox email registrations. Below current setup. Please help.
  2. Yugensoft

    [TAC] Stop Country Spam 4.0.3

    Stop Country Spam blocks countries you specify from accessing your forum. Spammers come disproportionately from certain countries. If your forum is local, blocking the countries where you are frequently receiving spammers from can help keep spam away. Alternatively, you can use it to enforce a...
  3. DWJames

    XF 1.5 rss feed contains moderated threads

    Hi, it seems our RSS feed contains threads which have been identified as spam and therefore are in a 'moderated' status. Is this normal and what's the best way to stop these moderated threads from being included? thanks, James
  4. batpool52!

    Signature Once v1.0.1

    Description Allows user signature to be shown only once per thread or once per page. Screenshots Options "Show user's signature once per thread" under Admin > Options > Messages Permissions "Bypass signature once" under Admin > Groups & permissions > [Usergroup] > Forum permissions...
  5. A

    Banned emails; Trashmails & Spammails 2.0.0

    Navigate to the window below and select the banned_emails.xml or banned_emails_big.xml file that is included in the zip archive. banned_emails.xml - contains mostly only trash mails banned_emails_big.xml - contains trash mails and a large list of spam mails If you like my work, please...
  6. alexD

    AllowedEmails 1.0.0

    This add-on was generously funded by @Case. Please drop him a like if you'll be using this add-on! It provides a whitelist feature for email hosts.
  7. alexD

    Ban disposable or spam email hosts May 2018 Update

    7,350 temporary (disposable/throwaway) domains to get rid off. Navigate to the Banned emails page. Admin Control Panel → Users → User discipline → Banned emails Click on the Import button and select the banned_email_hosts_2018-04-03.xml file that is included in the zip archive. This list is...
  8. Yugensoft

    [TAC] Custom Image Captcha 2.4.3

    If you like this plugin, please >>rate it<< Included in the [TAC] Total Anti-Spam Collection. Description Custom Image Captcha makes it much harder for bots to solve your Captchas, while at the same time making it easier for users. It also allows you to add an extra customized touch to your...
  9. Rudy

    Implemented Spam phrases could also inspect thread title for matches

    The ability to scan new messages for spam phrases has been helpful. Spammers nearly always post links in the message body, so using "http" as a filter helps to trap them before the message appears in public. (We send ours to the moderation queue.) Spammers apparently are also now trying to...
  10. CleanTalk Team

    AntiSpam by CleanTalk 1.8

    No CAPTCHA, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math. No spambots signups, no spambots posts. Anti-spam features: Stop spambots at registrations. Stop spambots at the orders. Contact form protection (CAPTCHA should be disabled!) Allow guest posting on the forum without CAPTCHA...
  11. Sal Collaziano

    XF 1.5 How to stop Link Spam?

    It's getting old real quick. Is there any way to prevent people from signing up and spamming with links to B.S. every day on my forum? Do I need a plugin to do this? Or am I not finding a standard feature? If I need a plugin, would anyone mind suggesting one? I can't imagine this isn't already a...
  12. M

    XF 1.5 Spam management add-on help needed!

    Our main IT guy is on vacation for the next month and this is unfortunately the same time our forum started getting massive spam issues. (image attached) He managed to get an email to me with the log-in information for our customer account, but while I can now download add-ons, they always...
  13. Sim

    Fixed Implement Akismet comment_type

    The current implementation of the Akismet spam checker sets the comment_type to comment, which is not really recommended for anything other than actual blog comments. According to the Akismet documentation, there are other comment_types which you can set which may be of assistance to them in...
  14. Thomas.B

    Unmaintained Regex Moderation 1.3.1

    This add-on can detect obscured spam in posts. There are two ACP options with which you can control the detection behavior: 1. Single characters words With this option you can restrict how many single character words the message may contain at most. This is to prevent spammers that type for...
  15. A

    XF 1.5 Spam Management - detecting gibberish

    We set moderation for the first 5 posts that contain spam words, including links. In general, it works very well. What we are seeing now is spammers who have worked this out, and so post gibberish for their first 5 posts, then post the advertising crap. Examples: I was wondering whether...
  16. Phantro

    Please, try do anything about spam! Recaptcha + questions same time possible solution!

    Hi there. Please, can someone do a plugin with that gives you an option to use Google Recaptcha + Questions at the same time in registration? I'm coming from other forum software and I have the same problem with spans on this, then I just enable the option Recapcha + questions and problem is...
  17. JustinHawk

    Unmaintained [J] Block Disposable E-mail 2.0

    This is a simple addon that check the emails entered by users during registration via the api of is by default and it doesn't require any api key but for using ipqualityscore you need to signup at their website and get the api key. What's...
  18. Alfa1

    Add spam cleaner domains to spam phrases

    One problem with spammers is spammers posting spam for the same domains for the same domains. If a users content is removed through the spam cleaner then the domains in that content should be added to spam phrases. This will prevent the domain from ever being successfully posted again and any...
  19. P

    XF 1.4 Need to remove URL of deleted thread

    Hi I was recently attacked by a number of spammers who added a load of rubbish onto my forum. For example:- I delete the thread but the URL still remains. I want to get...
  20. Brent W

    [XFR] Anti-Spam - Moderate or Reject Registration By Country or Proxy 1.2.0

    This add-on now only requires CloudFlare if you wish to block or reject countries from registering. This add-on is used on every site we own. You can view them here: Moderate VPN, Proxy and Datacenter Registrations Using Get IP Intel you can now reliably moderate...