1. firefox100

    Add-on Sms account validation

    Hi, I've a forum with a thousand users and massive daily registrations, recently our team migrate from vbulletin platform, we need a addon to reduce spam registrations through of sms or phone validation, can someone recommend one?
  2. H

    Unmaintained Email Validation Rule 1.0.0

    No download is needed :) ___ Do you need regular expression to validate user's email? Now you can do it, using a file edit :) Please backup the file before modifying You must edit this file : /library/XenForo/Helper/Email.php Find these lines : public static function...
  3. Z

    XF 1.5 Spam Patterns Figured Out

    Okay, so after carefully moderating my spam which is about 2-6 accounts that post links into threads once. I have found a pattern they all follow which allows me to assume they are bots or non-human. Here are the things 99% of them have in common: 1. List location as NY, New York, New York...
  4. Shawn Gossman

    XF 1.5 Stop Forum Spam and Usernames

    I use the SFS feature on my forum to help combat registration spam. However, I'd like to know if I could potentially disable username lookups? To me, the username function is not so good. If for example, someone chose the username 'Bob', they would likely be blocked as a spammer due to 'Bob'...
  5. Mouth

    No email bounce log action from Amazon SES spam complaints

    When a user marks email received from your site as 'spam' in their mail application, the majority of mail applications will then send a spam/abuse notification back to the sending server complaints process. For Amazon SES, they then send/forward an email to you of the spam/abuse complaint...
  6. AppleAndMango

    Spam/bot accounts

    Hello! I'm having quite a lot of accounts created that do not actually post threads or post on other members threads but instead an account is created and a link usually pointing towards another site selling drugs or supplements you know the usual stuff you'd see if a spammer/bot would post in...
  7. Stuart Wright

    Alert - an influx of private message spammers

    We've been hit over the last couple of weeks by over 300 registrations who send a single private message to a member inviting them to visit a link to fill a survey or enter a promotion. I haven't clicked it, so I don't know where it goes. There are some attributes of the...
  8. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Most spam from Pakistan - way to trap?

    Most of the spammers we get are humans, most likely, and they appear to be from Pakistan. IPs typically resolve with this information: ISP: Pakistan Telecommuication company limited Organization: PTCL Continent: Asia State/Region: Punjab City: Faisalabad Latitude: 31.4215 (31° 25′ 17.40″...
  9. akhilaniyan

    XF 1.5 How can I reduce Spam Posts without Using Captcha?

    Hi. From the past few weeks, I'm getting many spam Threads listed to moderate. All the listed threads are need to be moderated. There is no to bulk select/bulk delete option in the moderation! So, I have to select all the threads means for removal. Is there any effective solution to reduce...
  10. N

    XF 1.4 Inundated by Spammers - Any suggestions?

    Every day we are getting hit hard by spammers. The spam catcher rarely catches them. Another 20 or 30% are getting into the moderation queue. The rest are getting registered. I think I probably find and remove 5-10 a day on a pretty small forum. They are coming from India, Pakistan, the...
  11. naia

    Crowdsourced Human Spammers

    You may be aware of services like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Microworkers. These are crowdsourcing services that allow vendors to pay small amounts of money for the completion of tasks. These tasks often range from things like helping Google and Bing rank search results (human experience), and...
  12. Fred.

    XF 1.5 Disable spam checks in conversations

    Hi, I have new members complaining that they can't send url's in conversations. This is what I see in the spam trigger log. Izzie - Spam phrase matched (www) Moderated, Tuesday at 2:30 PM, Content: post Izzie - Spam phrase matched (www) Moderated, Tuesday at 2:28 PM, Content...
  13. Y

    XF 1.4 How to react to a spammer who change ip ?

    Hi, How to react to a spammer who change ip, for flood XenForo forums ? Ban IP is not efficiency because this user change ip and create multiple accounts (possibly with dynamic ip ? or vpn, proxy, etc.) Currently someone fun to remake itself accounts for us spammer. Do you have a solution...
  14. electrogypsy

    XF 1.4 i have a user in moderation i can't remove?

    not sure how it happened, but one of the spam accounts that got created on my forum can't be deleted. it's in the moderated users list, but when i tick the reject radio button and click process users i get a 'The requested user could not be found.' error. it's just this one particular user, all...
  15. jauburn

    Interesting observation about spammers

    They seem to take the weekends off. It must be a regular job for these folks.
  16. K

    XF 1.4 Hard problem with trolls

    Hello guys, I'm having hardcore problems in my forum, people troll, spaming my nodes. I ban, ban ip, but this guys back. All days I need ban 4-10 accounts. Well, I only think in make a period like 3 months to new accounts post. Its possible? What you guys think? Any solution? If yes, how...
  17. Alpha1

    Stop pounding group conversation participants with emails. Avoid Spam Blacklisting.

    In response to: It would make sense to check if people are coming back to the conversation or not. Otherwise people will quickly mark it as spam, which if it occurs more often it easily leads to the website getting blacklisted as a spammer. After which emails stop arriving. With the awesome...
  18. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 We've been spammed - help!

    Hi, I'm not sure which it is, spammed to death, or hacked to death. I need help from experienced users who can guide me what to do next. I just disabled the board, so what should I do next? Thanks! Andre
  19. naia

    Block Disposable Email Addresses [Deleted]

    This resource has been replaced by the Trust+ Risk Analysis system.
  20. empire

    Add-on Trigger spam alert for [#] of posts in [timeframe]?

    I'd like to add something to the spam management criteria that will trigger if someone has a large number of posts in a small timeframe. Is there an add-on that does this? We have a classifieds area that requires a certain postcount to use, and often scammers will quickly make a bunch of...