Please, try do anything about spam! Recaptcha + questions same time possible solution!


Hi there.

Please, can someone do a plugin with that gives you an option to use Google Recaptcha + Questions at the same time in registration?

I'm coming from other forum software and I have the same problem with spans on this, then I just enable the option Recapcha + questions and problem is solved.

As I remember, you have more options, you can go for recaptcha + 2 questions or 3 questions. Who will register, should fill recaptcha + answer 2 questions to register.

Please, i believe its not hard to do, and if it comes as paid plugin, ill be the first to buy.
Anyway, i believe this should be normal feature for xenforo. Should come with this option. I'm not sure if is easy to do it, but i believe is so easy!


I see that plugin long time ago! Already tested.
Can you tell me why to install a plugin like this if you can easily Recaptcha + 1 question answer and solve ALL PROBLEMS?

On IPB its done long and long time ago! ZERO spams on that for YEARS!

You need to do 100 things for it, you need to stay deleting posts and much more. I don't have time for it.
I prefer to have Recaptcha + answer questions in the same page of registration.

Its something like 500.000 times more easy for admins!