XF 1.4 Need to remove URL of deleted thread


I was recently attacked by a number of spammers who added a load of rubbish onto my forum.

For example:-


I delete the thread but the URL still remains. I want to get rid of the URL as well - I have hundreds of these, what is the quickest way to get rid of them?

The spammers added links from their sites to the forum using the URL of the threads I have since deleted. Google is on my case now so I need to get this sorted asap.


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What do you man by "get rid of the URL"?

The thread doesn't exist so there's nothing left to delete.


The URL remains in google's cache. It will be cleared soon enough.

However, if you have these links in other posts/signatures etc, then Google will raise warning about 404s. Just remove those content links if there are any.
Thanks for your help.

I don't have these links anywhere else - they are only on the spammers sites.

When I click on the above link for example it is still the deleted URL even though it comes up as a error but I presume this will disappear soon from Google's cache?