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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
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This add-on can detect obscured spam in posts. There are two ACP options with which you can control the detection behavior:

1. Single characters words

With this option you can restrict how many single character words the message may contain at most. This is to prevent spammers that type for example „b a d w o r d“ instead of „badword“.

2. Word patterns

With this option you can state a regular expressions that will be applied to each word of the message. If one of the patterns matches at least once, the post will be moderated.


Note that „word“ means any sequence of characters that doesn't contain whitespace (blanks, newlines). BBCodes are removed from the message before the patterns are applied (just the tags not their content).

For example you can moderate all posts that contain at least one word with the format „b.a.d.w.o.r.d“ with this pattern:


Note: you can only use PCRE syntax.

You can analyse an test the saved word patterns on by clicking on the corresponding link.

Note that the „word pattern“ you state is used to build the actual regex which is then applied to the whole message. That means „in the background“ each word pattern is prefixed with /[[:space:]]+ and postfixed with [[:space:]]+/. So for a word pattern abc the actual regex would be /[[:space:]]+abc[[:space:]]+/.

Bypassing moderation
The regex moderation will be disabled if the user has the permission to approve/unapprove posts or the permission to bypass regex moderation.
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  1. Fixed a bug

    Fixed a bug that prevented a successful installation.
  2. Added custom descriptions for word patterns

    You can now enter a description for each new „word pattern“ to help remembering which kind of...
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