Resources by Thomas.B

Post Areas: Pro Performance Thomas.B
Unmaintained Post Areas: Pro Performance 1.0.1
Improves performance for the „Post Areas“ add-on
Autocomplete Location Thomas.B
Unmaintained Autocomplete Location 1.0.1
Autocomplete for the location field
Member Locations Thomas.B
Unmaintained Member Locations 1.0.0
Browse your member's locations
Member Search Thomas.B
Unmaintained Member Search 1.1.0
Quickly find members with certain criteria
Regex Moderation Thomas.B
Unmaintained Regex Moderation 1.3.1
Moderate posts with regular expressions to prevent obscured spam
New Posts and Threads Thomas.B
Unmaintained New Posts and Threads 1.1.5
Shows „New Posts“ and „New Threads“ in separate tabs.
Autocomplete Location Lite Thomas.B
Unmaintained Autocomplete Location Lite 1.0.0
Autocomplete for the location field
Post Areas Thomas.B
Unmaintained Post Areas 1.4.3
Shows a user's post and thread count for each forum on the user profile page.
Xen Product Manager: Dupe License Hint Thomas.B
Shows a hint for users to prevent the creation of redundant licenses.
Let me google that for you Thomas.B
Unmaintained Let me google that for you 1.1.0
A BBcode to create links
License Validation: Customer Token Thomas.B
Helps to prevent validated dupe accounts
Piwik Ecommerce Analytics Integration for Xen Product Manager Thomas.B
Track and analyse your XPM sales with Piwik Web Analytics
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