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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
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With this BBcode your users can quickly create custom lmgtfy.com links.

You can specify the default link text with the phrase awedo_lmgtfy_link_text in your default forum language. You can use the variable {keyWords} which will be replaced by the key words entered between the two tags.


[google] Eiffel tower height [/google] -> Let me google that for you..

[google=custom link text] Eiffel tower height [/google] -> custom link text

Different search types

General form: [google=search type] key words [/google]

[google=image] Eiffel tower [/google] -> Let me google that for you..
[google=images] Eiffel tower [/google] -> Let me google that for you..

[google=map] Eiffel tower [/google] -> Let me google that for you..
[google=maps] Eiffel tower [/google] -> Let me google that for you..

Available search types:
  • image(s)
  • map(s)
  • video(s)
  • news
  • shopping
  • photos
  • plus
  • profiles
  • finance(s)
  • scholar(s)
  • bing
  • snopes
  • wikipedia

Search type in combination with custom link text

[google=image/custom link text] Eiffel tower [/google]
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Latest updates

  1. Test Icon removed

    The previous 1.1.0 release accidentially contained an icon url that was not supposed to be part...
  2. Added the phrase variable „keyWords“

    You can now use the variable {keyWords} in the phrase awedo_lmgtfy_link_text which will be...

Latest reviews

Perfect! I was searching long time this web and now we can use it right in Xenforo like bbcode, brilliant! :-)
Works on the latest version of XenForo 1.5.5

Nice add-on overall, it helps with questions that people should use for google instead of asking people on the forum constantly.
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