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Unmaintained Member Search 1.1.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
Additional requirements
Autocomplete Location (for location criteria)
Visible branding
With this add-on you can quickly find all members that meet certain criteria. This add-on adds only one new page to the „Members“ section that contains both the search results and the search options.

After you clicked on the „Member Search“ tab you will see the following page:

On the left, the search results are shown and on the right the criteria for the current results are shown. You can change any of these criteria to either refine the current search or to do a completey new search. After you clicked on the „Update List“ button, the search results will show the users that meet the new criteria.

Tip: By default the „Member Search“ page shows exactly the same users as the „Registered Members“ page. So you can actually disable the XF member list in the „User Options“ to have one less subtab in the Members section..​
Search Criteria
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Gender
  • Age
Sort Orders
  • User Name
  • Last Activity
  • Post Count
  • Like Count
  • Trophy Points
  • Distance
  • Age
Location Criteria

Only locations that are associated with at least one user are listed in the corresponding location criteria dropdowns. That means for any selected location (country, state or city) there will be at least one search result (user).

Please note that the term „State“ is equivalent to „ first-level administrative division“. This does also apply to locations in the UK! That means that if „United Kingdom“ is selected as the country, the „State“ dropdown can only have the following entries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Also note that the location criteria (country, state, city) are only available if the Autocomplete Location add-on is installed. Also, the „Member Search“ add-on uses only the atomic location data that is saved in the corresponding custom user fields by Autocomplete Location. That means the location of a user is only recognized if the user picked a location from the autocomplete list while the „Save atomic location data“ option was enabled.

To incentivize users to (re)state their location so that they can be found in corresponding searches, you can disable the usage of location criteria for users that didn't pick a location from the autocomplete list in the „User Options“ :
If this option is enabled, users will see the following hint instead of the location criteria if they didn't state their location using the autocomplete list.

Age Criteria

There are two age criteria: „Younger than“ and „Older than“. Note that only users who stated their date of birth and checked the „Show year of birth“ box on their „Personal Details“ page are considered when an age criterion is used.


Depending on your server, member searches may require „too much“ server resources if you have a very large user base. This add-on generates at least the same server load as the XF member list. So if the XF member list requires too much resources from your server, you should not use this add-on.


The add-on is implemented in a way that allows a developer to easily customize the search options. For example, adding a new or removing an already existing criterion/sort order.


The „usual procedure“. For your convenience, you may use the Add-on Install & Upgrade add-on. After the installation do not forget to configure the new permission (see below).

New Permission

Who exactly this add-on may use can be controlled with the new permission „Search members with criteria“ that is located in the „General Permissions“ group.
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