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With this add-on you can browse the locations of your members


The locations are structured hierarchically. That means if you click on a name of a country you will see a chart with all states of this country. And if you click on a state you will see a chart with all cities of that state.

The right column shows the number of members in the location. If Member Search is active, the numbers will be links to corresponding member searches. So for example if you click on 42 next to California you will see a list of all members in California on the members search result page (where you then can apply more filters such as age or gender).

Quick Links

A user can quickly browse the country and state in which they are located by clicking on the corresponding links in the sidebar. There are of course only links if the user has stated their location.

Require Location

If you enable the „Require users to state their location“ option, users who haven't stated their location yet will see the following message:

Location Data

The location data is obtained from the custom user fields that are created by Autocomplete Location while the „Save atomic location data in custom user fields“ option was enabled.


There is a new permission in the „General“ group which controls who can use the add-on


There should be no performance issues even for „weak“ servers. This is because the add-on generates (once a day by default) a cache of all locations and their members counts. This cache will then be used to create the location charts.


The „usual procedure“. For your convenience, you can use the Add-on Install & Upgrade add-on. Do not forget to set the set the new permission! Also right after the installation there won't be any locations shown as the cache hasn't been created yet. You can manually create the cache by executing the corresponding cron entry.
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