New Posts and Threads

Unmaintained New Posts and Threads 1.1.5

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Works in latest xF 1 Version. Great plugin. Only complaint is navbar phrases shouldn't be the same as the template phrases. Needed 2 more phrases. All in all works and is well coded.
Was looking for this to highlight the new threads better. We have a very active forum and new threads get behind the new post list fast. I only use the new thread list in combination with xenforo's new posts not t confuse the members.
Essential! Bad on me for not saying so much sooner. One of my favorite addons. Very helpful to me and my members.
I believe that "recent posts" is better especially for those who imported from vBulletin and their users was using recent mode for many years. Moreover, it help to not miss any post.

I installed it in ~ 1M posts forum and our users like this addon
Awesome idea, keep it up
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