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  1. Siropu

    Recent Posts 2 by Siropu 2.0.4

    A feature rich widget that display recent posts in a block, thread list style (same as forum view). Widget features Set maximum entries to display Display entries within the last x days Exclude certain forums Include only certain forums Exclude certain prefixes Include only certain prefixes...
  2. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Hide/Exclude threads from Recent/Latest Posts

    Hi guys, I searched the forum for this but didn't find any instructions. We create a "private" forum (premium) and I noticed that the posts appear in the Latest Posts in the sidebar. How can I exclude specific threads from showing up there? Thanks!
  3. Thomas.B

    Unmaintained New Posts and Threads 1.1.5

    Features the navigation bar link „New Posts“ is renamed to „New Posts and Threads“ two new tabs for new content: „New Posts“ and „New Threads“ a new link in the navigation bar for recent posts and threads two new tabs for recent content: „Recent Posts“ and „Recent Threads“ each navigation link...
  4. Siropu

    Recent Posts by Siropu 1.5.0

    This Add-on allows you to display a list of recent posts in the forum sidebar (or all sidebars) or above/bellow the forum list. You can also embed it using Widget Framework. Features Set to display recent posts within x days Set the maximum posts to display Exclude forums (list with...
  5. Siropu

    Recent Posts by Siropu [Paid]

    Siropu submitted a new resource: Recent Posts by Siropu - Feature rich recent post widget that allows you display a list of your latest thread posts. Read more about this resource...