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XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration kolakube
Forum comments, user syncing, blog widgets, and more.
Article and Forum Connect: XenForo and WordPress ThemeHouse
Sync comments between XenForo and WordPress with the method that works best for you.
Login users to WordPress kolakube
Login users to WordPress from the XenForo login screen.
Addon Hasher Voxpire
A simple desktop tool used to generate hashes for XenForo addons.
Native Mobile Apps truonglv
Native Mobile Apps 2023.04.22 $149.00
A native mobile apps (iOS and Android) for XenForo forums.
pyftsubset as a single file binary for Linux X64
WordPress Posts + Category Widget kolakube
Show latest posts, feature articles by IDs, and more WordPress content with this simple XF widget.
XFCoder :: Latest XF Threads Widget for WordPress gigipmc
Shows your latest forum threads in a widget on your WordPress installation
Visual Studio Code Snippets for XenForo 2 Myke623
Shortcuts and macros for various commonly-used development text snippets
PhpStorm Live Templates for XenForo 2 Kier
Shortcuts and macros for various commonly-used development text snippets
Developer-only tooling for testing XF options per-page
Turn off email notification for email, thread watch, forum watch
Carookee export webmasterxl
Script for exporting the content of your carookee forum
Ban disposable or spam email hosts alexD
📧 5,582 temporary (disposable/throwaway/spam) domains to get rid off.
A docker container for XF2 development
Attempts to import the vBulletin 3/4 moderator log into XenForo 2
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