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pyftsubset Single File Binary 1.0.4

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
Font Awesome Manager
Linux X64
proc_open must be allowed
This resource is an Add-on for Font Awesome Manager.

If you want to use this file, the server must be running Linux X64 and proc_open must be allowed.

To verify those requirements, go to and check System and disable_functions:


If the requirements are met, try to install the Add-on as usual.

If uploading the ZIP via XenForo admin control panel fails (the file is about 10 MB so might hit upload limits) you can upload the contents of the ZIP file manually (via FTP/SFTP/etc.)
In this case please make sure that the file pyftsubset is uploaded in binary mode and that it is chmoded executable for the user running PHP.

This Add-on / binary should only be used if pyftsubset cannot be installed otherwise.
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Latest reviews

It is the best solution for those of us who do not have SSH access to our server, and has greatly improved the speed of the website. Thank you @Kirby for this great addon.
Excellent "workaround" for those who doesn't have root access to the hosting server, or can't get the library installed on the server because of a shared hosting plan, which is usually limited.

Dev has been very kind and helpful providing guidance and help to make it work on my case, since I had troubles with the installation.

Keep up the good work!!
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