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Font Awesome Manager 1.2.7

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
proc_open must not be disabled to use pyftsubset
PHP 7.1+
Visible branding
XenForo uses the icon font Font Awesome Pro 5 that contains over 7.000 icons of which XenForo typically uses only a few hundred.
But as all icons are included in the CSS and font files, browsers have to download the full font files and CSS which does cause a significant overhead in most cases.

By subsetting the font to include only those icons that are actually being used, the size of the font files and CSS can often be drastically reduced which does improve page loading time.
Typically, the size of the font files can be reduced by over 80%.

This Add-on does allow to automate the process of creating subsets as much as possible:
  • It can automatically scan the database and PHP files for Font Awesome icon references
  • It can monitor database entities (like Phrases, Templates, BB-Codes, etc.) for changes and adjust the subset accordingly
  • It can perform subsetting using locally installed fonttools/pyftsubset or webservice
  • It does allow you to easily add icons that are not discovered automatically
  • It does allow you to exclude icons that have been discovered automatically but are not actually being used (for example if the feature that uses them is not being used)
  • It can exclude certain templates or files from being scanned (which can be useful if those reference icons without actually using them)
  • It does offer various strategies to load subsets and CSS
  • It does support AMPXF
If pyftsubset cannot be installed system-wide for whatever reason, it might still be possible to use a precompiled binary.

It is strongly recommended to use pyftsubset if possible, please try to get this working before trying any other options.

If pyftsubset cannot be used at all, this Add-on can use as "last resort" to create the subsets, eg. it does make calls to this webservice during normal operation if is selected as processor.

Thanks to @Andro, @rdn, @Nirjonadda, @frm, @Ivancas, @Anatoliy, @briansol, @Masetrix, @duderuud and all others who helped in private beta testing.
This Add-on wouldn't be as usable as it is (well at least I think it is usable ;)) without your feedback!
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Latest reviews

Great add-on to optimize your page loading and efficiency. Took a few test runs to get it working but overall, great.
This has significantly decreased page loading times and other metrics that are extremely important for the success of a website to attract and keep visitors. It looks like it was written with care and I have had no issues with it since the install. This is one of those addons that is fairly essential if you are concerned about your PageSpeed score. This should really even be part of XenForo. I thank the developer and give him kudos to providing it for free at this time.
Doesn't work with subfonter. All custom subforum icons on homepage disappear. Pretty useless for the average install really.
Before giving a really nagative review it would have been nice to first ask for support :)
What exactly does "Doesn't work with subfonter" mean - do you get any error message?
What were the exact steps you did take to install and configure the Add-on?
i was getting only a medium score on google speed checker and then i installed this addon and my score bumped up to a green score. very nice, would recommend.
One of the most useful addons for Xenforo and completely free of charge. The author is very knowledgeable, serious and helpful. A must have!
Awesome add-on!
It incredibly drops the page load and Google Page Speed TTI value, while amazingly rising the Performance score by at least 40 points!

A must-have add-on that should be there as a XF core feature!

Thanks for your work, Kirby!
This is a MUST HAVE addon. Shows dramatic improvements to site performance. Amazing dev who helped me out via DM. A few steps need to be taken (but they have been documented really well), but it is well worth it. Thank you Kirby!
One of my favorite plugins! It improves front-end performance scores and reduced my site's bandwidth usage by 15GB/day. Configuration is easy, couldn't ask for more. Thank you, Kirby. 🏆
This plugin is awesome...
Global reduction of 80%, from 563kb to less than 60, really amazing!

Also, Kirby helped me in DM to optimize and fit to my needs...
Fantastic! I've been cursing the performance challenges of Xenforo (just migrated from phpBB) when my rankings and traffic started to drop due to Google's Pagespeed numbers. I'd tried numerous things, but this is by far the BEST bump back up. Thank you!
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